Optimizing Email – Best Practices

We have already discussed a lot about email marketing campaigns. We know the importance of email marketing campaign and what can we do make sure, we get maximum converts for visitors, lead, customers, retained customers etc. But, for all that we need to optimize email. I will discuss some email optimization tactics, that will help you in optimize email.

We will discuss designing tips for improving email conversion rate
6 Tips that can help in generating great emails which convert

Best practices: Email Optimization Techniques


  1. Identifying Goal

The purpose of sending an email should be clear. Without goal, whole purpose of the campaign is defeated. You cannot mail a customer who has already made a purchase, a mail related to buying from website for the first time or someone a mail about a product or service he might not be interested in.
Identify a clear goal based on the segmentation of users done by you. The goal can be something like generate more conversions for men shoes. You might target this goal for someone who is male, is a lead or a customer already and related to location. There can be many more segmentation you can use as discussed in previous posts.


  1. Personalization

It is one of the most important aspects of email. You can do it manually by sending emails one by one. But, if you are doing it for thousands of customers use tools like Mail Chimp. Make sure you mention the name of person, to whom it is addressed. Also, try to use segmentation to personalize it. You may use demographics, interests, geography etc to personalize it as much as possible.

Personalization does work wonders. You will get a boost to your conversion rate. Try it yourself and you will feel the difference. When, a person gets a mail with his name, related to his interests or targeted according to his location or gender, more often than not person will go through the mail, as there is a correlation between the mail and user. And this leads to clicking him on Call to Action button which means you have been successful in email marketing strategy.


  1. Get to the point- Don’t beat around the bush

Mail should mention what it is about clearly rather than beating about the bush. If you are here for feedback mention it “It would be great if you can review us”. Also make a point to link to the right website, otherwise user will lose interest and chances are he might never open the mail sent by you again.

I have seen emails being mentioned about talking too much about some free features and forgetting to mention that they are here for making sales. Don’t forget to mention your goal.


  1. Focus on benefits

Email should not be generic. Suppose, a user didn’t buy and left something in the cart. You can mail him that there is something he liked but, did not buy it. There is not only this, you can mention things like there are limited quantity available and how that product can be helpful to him. This will increase the probability of user clicking on it.

  1. Use Multiple Call to Action Buttons

Always use 2-3 CTA. Strategy of using one at the top, one at the middle and one at the end works the best. You might skip the middle or end one if the email is short.

CTA at end sometimes, doesn’t work well as user might not go through entire mail. Thus, having at least, one on top works the best.


  1. Optimize Mail for Mobile

Make sure, the mail you design is readable on mobile and has a good interface on that. Most, of the mails are read on mobiles since, most of us are connected to internet and read mails real time. Optimizing them is a must.

You can optimize it easily. There are couple of things that create an issue. One is media like images, audio, video etc. or themes being used. Second, is the email size.

Make sure, media files and themes are formats supported by mobiles. Reduce the size of media and theme files, to make them be accessible quickly on mobiles. This way you can optimize it easily for mobiles.


  1. Testing

After designing do send a couple of test mail and check them on various platforms and for different hosts. Microsoft email accounts have stricter compliances and your mail might just land up in trash which would mean wasting time and effort. It is therefore, advised to test it before emailing it to users. This can be across platforms like Windows, Android, IOS or devices PC, Mobiles, Tablets or they can be across hosting like Gmail, Microsoft, Hotmail etc.


  1. Analysis and Revision

After the email has been sent, you do need to analyze the effect. Try to analyze the conversion rate, ROI, click through rate etc. If the email marketing campaign is not effective try to use insights from email marketing tools like Mail Chimp and Google Analytics and combine it to gain insights. Then, use it to revise email marketing strategy.

You can improve your email marketing skills by reading other posts of our inbound marketing certification course. We provide the best email marketing service in India and use the same approach to help our clients.

Optimizing Email - Best Practices
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Optimizing Email - Best Practices
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