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Who we are ?

The Buzz Stand is a one-stop solution for all your marketing needs. We are a digital marketing agency in India with services including SEO, PPC, website design, email marketing, social media marketing, content creation, and press release. Our website also has lots of information on marketing, finance, GST, legal, startups to help entrepreneurs learn on their own. We have helped lots of businesses to achieve their goals and improve their presence online. Our services are based on analytics ensuring the best success and ROI for our clients.

What we do?

We provide a wide range of web & business services to help your brand/business reach its true potential.

We believe in understanding ``why you need a website`` to make you an impactful website that helps you achieve your goals.

We help in optimising PPC campaigns by generating better conversion rates, CTR and monitoring.

We leverage important data and insights to optimise marketing strategies and user experience for your business.

Performance Marketing is used to optimise your ROI using certain tools and data.

We help in generating the best ROI from email marketing campaigns. We make your emails unforgettable, personalised, and secure.

Using SMM we create a buzz around your brand to help you grow your reach on respective platforms and build your own community.

Through our organic ranking services we help businesses rank higher on search engines and help them generate more traffic, visibility, and revenue.

Why Choose Us ?

We provide one of the best digital marketing services in India. We provide 360 solutions to help businesses generate revenue online. We use some of the most advanced tools to analyze, monitor, and aid your business to success We only take limited projects. Unlike other providers, we only undertake a project, if we think we will be able to meet the client's expectations We not only work for clients but create a healthy relationship with them. We offer them the best possible advice in every possible aspect. Our services are affordable and reasonably priced. We don’t charge exorbitant prices for work. This helps our customers to achieve the best possible ROI.






What our clients say about us ?


Kushal Thukral at Company Vakil

``They helped me optimise PPC campaigns and generate more leads. Also, the SEO service is amazing, I never thought SEO can be that powerful.``


Mirko Ulbrich at Claim Flights

Harneet has been working with me for quite sometime now and he has helped Claim Flights generate online traffic and revenue.

We believe in authenticity and community.


Why is Online Marketing important for businesses?

In the nineties, we witnessed the call center boom, then the IT boom and now we are witnessing the digital marketing take over from them. The prime reason is changing customer behavior. Most of the population now has access to the internet in form or the other. It could be through smartphones, laptops, desktops or even tablets. They use the internet to conduct billions of searches a day and find the best product, service, information online. The Internet proves the best medium to generate higher revenue online. Be it SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Blogging, Press Release, etc. all act as a medium to ensure higher visibility for businesses. The Buzz Stand is a digital marketing company in India and it always suggests that online marketing can generate a better ROI than offline. Online Marketing provides you the opportunity of selecting of choosing your target audience, reaching out to them, and analyzing better compared to the offline campaigns where most of the activities are not targetted and tracking can be a cause of concern.<br /> Our service offerings extend to all the marketing activities conducted online. We get lots of queries from businesses every day who are not sure of the best online strategy for their business. We discuss with these businesses and create a unique strategy for them which can help to ensure success for them. Not only this we implement it with the help of advanced tools, which also enable us to track things better. We only work with businesses for the long-term as we believe that is where we can deliver value. If you want to succeed online get in touch with us!

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