This post is a part of basics of gst by the buzz stand. It helps explain calculating gst payment and is helpful in gst filing

Basics of GST: Calculating GST Payment due

In this basics of GST series article, discussion would be moving around calculating GST payment due from the portal. As we discussed in our previous article as well that the GST tax platform uses 3 ledgers which are Electronic Liability Register, Electronic Credit Ledger and Electronic Cash Ledger for management ….

This is a part of inbound marketing strategy and is detailed in inbound marketing certification course
Fundamentals to Inbound Marketing Success

What is Buyer’s Journey?

Chapter 6: In this post of inbound marketing certification course, we would be discussing about buyer’s journey. Customer doesn’t want to know about things which add 0 value to him. Customer would like to know about products or services which he finds useful method. This gives rise to another inbound ….