Engaging with Customers after Closing the deal

Chapter 76

You would remember, in the previous chapter we had discussed how we can close the deal. In this chapter, we will be discussing about how to go about keeping in touch and engaging with customers.

Selling to an old customer, is always easier and costs less compared to a new one. All you need to do is build reputation, offer good after sales services and stay connected with them. Brands, which focus more on their present customer base, tend to succeed more than those that have most of their sales through new customers. Remember, a happy customer can always act as a testimonial for you and help you generate more sales.

So, let us discuss how to keep our customers engaged in detail.

  1. Build understanding with customers

After you have sold the product or service, that is not the end of it. It is just the beginning of new relationship. Take care of it and you will be benefitted. Try to follow up with their feedback for the service.

You would have seen companies asking for feedback when, you contact customer care or purchase a product or service. The idea behind this, is to make sure customer is happy at every stage of interaction with the company.

Introduce some special features or manual about your product or service to the customer, after it has been sold to the customer. This way you offer him some better advice which can help him utilize it better.

  1. Wish them on special Occasions and offer discounts

You should wish them on special occasions like New year, Christmas, Independence Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries etc. Offer them special coupons and discounts which they can use and be happy.

  1. After Sales Support

Whenever, customer calls you or mails you regarding any questions, make sure those are addressed completely. Mail them to follow up if they are satisfied. Ask for their feedback if their query has been resolved and get feedback to improve your offerings.

  1. Reach out to them on Sale days

Mail them and personalise it according to their choices. Offer them their products of interests to them. Create something interesting and engaging. Have Call to Actions that are visible and prompt the user to click on it.

  1. Ask for product or service review/Testimonials

You can ask them to rate product or service and provide comments so that other users can also, find about it and help you in better conversion. This is being widely used by ecommerce site. Ask them to recommend your product or service and build authority over the internet.

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Engaging with Customers after Closing the deal
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Engaging with Customers after Closing the deal
Email marketing is one of the most effective ways after the customer has been converted. Reach out to him for feedback, after sales services, reviews and testimonial
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