Close lead into customers via lead nurturing and segmentation

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We have discussed how emails can be used to bring more visitors and convert them into leads. But, the most important task of email marketing campaign is to close the lead. This is not important from revenue side of business but also from the perspective of taking the customer to the next stage of buyer journey.

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Infographic shows the importance of email marketing campaign

Let’s have a look at this in detail as to how we can close the deal after lead has been generated.


  1. Targeted Emailing

Once, you have the lead and details you may want to separate these leads into different groups. These groups can be created on the basis of demographics, geography, interests, shopping trends etc. Try to put that person in multiple groups and make sure that he doesn’t receive multiple emails.

Now target each group with emails which you created for them. Suppose, you want to make more customers for men shoes, then target accordingly.

  1. Personalized Email

You can send personalized emails. These have a much greater impact. They are mostly automated. Suppose, your lead left something in the cart which he didn’t buy. Send a mail informing that he forgot something and should buy it. Also, make that mail interesting.


  1. Send mails on special occasions, events, personalized offers

In order to convert your lead into customer, send them mails on occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. If possible, provide them with special discount or coupons. You can personalize it more by offering items relevant to him.

Similarly, wish on days like Independence Day, Diwali etc. and show you are connected with them.

When, there is a sale, offer them a coupon code. Also, try to personalize it according to interests, demographics, geography etc.


Segmentation of Email Marketing Campaign

We have been talking above a lot about dividing leads into groups. This is segmentation. We can segment them on basis of various things and depending upon your business and types of products and services you sell.

  1. Demographics

You can divide the groups on the basis of age, gender, income, marital status, religion etc. The benefit is each category might have a different choice of products. For example, if the company sells shoes, then if we divide it base of gender, men would look at men shoes and women will go for shoes related to them more often. Similarly, young age might look at something trendy and office goers might look at something classic. This would mean you are targeting a specific group with a specific product.


  1. Interests

You can divide them on the basis of interests or past shopping experience. Suppose, a lead might be interested in a particular brand of perfume and might be visiting your website for that purpose. Then, you could offer him that product through email. Everything, is done with the help of cookies which keep a track of your visitor movements


  1. Location

Try to offer personalized products based on location. A person in India would have different needs to that in US. He would have different festivals and trends to follow. Not only countries this can vary across states of same country as well. North India has different customs and traditions compared to South India. Thus, you will need to segment accordingly.

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Close lead into customers via lead nurturing and segmentation
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Close lead into customers via lead nurturing and segmentation
We will discuss how to convert leads to customers using email marketing campaign and segmentation of targeted groups which leads to a better conversion rate
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