What Is SMarketing?

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Smarketing is a term which you might not have heard much as, it was a technique which was discovered much later and HubSpot is known to be the pioneer of this. SMarketing is a combination of Sales and Marketing. It has been developed to show both sales and marketing are important for businesses to grow.

For your company to succeed both sales and marketing have to work together to achieve this. Businesses over the period have realised that both departments cannot stay isolated. Leads can be generated both from sales and marketing.
Customer is not aware of different departments and nor does he care about it. The only thing he wants is quality product or service at good prices with great customer support. If you have to term this in one word it would be satisfaction. Customer needs to be satisfied.

How can businesses ensure better conversion rates? The answer to this would be simple. While designing inbound marketing strategy both sales and marketing efforts need to be combined and this is known as SMarketing. We need to keep sales in mind while deciding marketing strategy and vice versa.


How can Marketing and Sales generate more leads?

We all have heard companies designing campaigns in the form of advertisements, posters, blogging, social media posting, video posting, press releases etc. After reading these users are more interested and they visit your site and might provide information and become qualified marketing lead. There are email campaigns which are combination of marketing and sales , and then there might be inbound sales where you are using chat boxes etc. The line between sales and marketing has become thinner and none can survive individually.

Though this sounds a lot of complex things being involved, but the next posts would be clearing all your doubt. For now, remember SMarketing is a combination of both Sales and Marketing and an important part of Inbound marketing strategy. For reading and learning more about SMarketing, its importance and best practices, you can visit our inbound marketing certification course. In case, of any help from the best digital marketing company in India, you can contact The Buzz Stand team.

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What Is SMarketing?
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What Is SMarketing?
SMarketing stands for sales plus marketing. SMarketing is an essential part of inbound marketing strategy. Both Sales and marketing need to work in tandom in order for strategy to be successful.
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