The Buzz Stand aims at providing comprehensive solutions to its audience. As a part of it provides digital marketing courses online, and acts as a digital marketing agency as well.As a part of its initiative to educate and motivate the people we would be posting articles related to digital marketing strategy here.  The first in line is a series which would be providing free learning for digital marketing courses. This series would help you improve your digital marketing strategy. We would be adding  courses in other fields as well in sometime We plan to add interactive videos and ppts in some time to make this learning process fun.The Buzz Stand acts as a digital marketing agency which provides consulting service to businesses and startups.  We also help entrepreneurs execute their ideas. In case you are one of those or are finding it difficult to do it all by yourself you can contact The Buzz Stand Team. We would love to help you out.

Inbound Marketing Certification Course

Inbound Marketing certification course would be helping startups, business, entrepreneurs and anyone who is willing to excel in this space. Inbound Marketing course is going to be a unique and a fun way to approach and learn things, with every topic covered.

Basics of Effective Inbound Marketing Strategy


Optimizing Web Pages for search engines

  •  Search Engine Optimization

      –   What is SEO?

      –   How SEO benefits inbound marketing strategy?

      –   How does search engine ranking takes place?


  • Using SEO strategy effectively

      –   Understanding SEO keyword and keyword search

      –   Choosing the right keyword- Keyword Research

      –   6 Steps that will help in choosing the right keyword

     –   Using buyer persona and buyer journey for keyword research

      –  In what ways can you expand your list of keywords?

      –  Using Google Analytics Account for SEO Analysis

     –   Difference between Long and Short tail keywords

     –   In what ways and where should you optimize your pages for search engines?

      –   Linking Web-Page Content

      –   Link Building Strategy

      –   Why is promoting a good user experience important for SEO?

      –   Importance of Optimizing pages for Mobile

      –   Some more information about link building strategy

      –   Using directories for link building strategy

  • Deciding success of SEO strategy

      –   Deciding the effectiveness of primary keywords

      –   Checking keyword density and keyword optimization

      –   Checking backlinks for your page

Content Creation

  • Importance of Content to Inbound Marketing Strategy

       –    Content Writing and Content Marketing Strategy

       –    How does content marketing strategy fit into the universe of inbound marketing strategy?

  • Stages of Content Creation

       –    Different stages for content marketing strategy

       –   Different Formats of content and difference between the formats

       –   Choosing the best format for content

       –   Things to be kept in mind while selecting a topic for content

       –   Content Creation Process

       –   Measuring effectiveness of your content marketing strategy

       –   Why is revising your content marketing strategy important?


  • Blogging Fundamentals

       –   How does blogging help in generating new users for the website?

       –   How to use blog to generate new leads?

       –   How to use blog for building Trust?

Social Marketing Strategy

  • Understanding importance of social media strategy

         –   Role of Social Marketing Strategy in Inbound Marketing

         –   In which stages of inbound marketing can social media strategy can be used?

Call to Action

Landing Pages

Conversion Process

Power of SMarketing

Digital Marketing Course, Inbound marketing course, SEO Services, Digital marketing services, ppc services, link building services
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Digital Marketing Course, Inbound marketing course, SEO Services, Digital marketing services, ppc services, link building services
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