We will discuss about difference between inbound sales and traditional sales
Inbound Sales

How to Sell the Way Prospects Buy?

No one can imagine their world without the internet. Our whole life is dependent upon it, not only do we pay our bills or buy some new products, everything in this world revolves around it. But this was not exactly the scenario few years back. Just imagine for one second that how it would be possible to buy products without the internet as people used to do in the past. ….

We will discuss about improving smarketing strategy and its importance. If you are looking to buy smarketing services in India, The Buzz Stand offers email marketing campaign in India which can help with this
SMarketing Alignment

5 Steps to Help Align Sales and Marketing – Smarketing

From the past few years, one term is constantly growing within the technology company – ‘Smarketing’. Some people think that they know exactly what this is but, in reality, they know nothing. Some other knows about it but don’t bother to apply it to change their perspective of marketing. Majority of the digital marketing company in India have their sales and marketing teams. The marketers play the role of creating ….

Aligning SMarketing with goals which can help improve effectiveness of digital marketing strategy
SMarketing Alignment

Alignment of SMarketing with goals

We have been discussing how sales and marketing have to combine in order to deliver the most effective results. This means that we need to align our goals according to SMarketing strategy in order to make our inbound marketing strategy more effective. At times, you would realise that sales and marketing strategies are overlapping and their goals, this would mean two things. One, there might be confusion as to who ….

We will discuss how to create great emails that can improve conversion rate
Creating great Emails

Optimizing Email – Best Practices

We have already discussed a lot about email marketing campaigns. We know the importance of email marketing campaign and what can we do make sure, we get maximum converts for visitors, lead, customers, retained customers etc. But, for all that we need to optimize email. I will discuss some email optimization tactics, that will help you in optimize email. Best practices: Email Optimization Techniques   Identifying Goal The purpose of ….

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Email Marketing Campaign

Engaging with Customers after Closing the deal

You would remember, in the previous chapter we had discussed how we can close the deal. In this chapter, we will be discussing about how to go about keeping in touch and engaging with customers. Selling to an old customer, is always easier and costs less compared to a new one. All you need to do is build reputation, offer good after sales services and stay connected with them. Brands, ….

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Email Marketing Campaign

Close lead into customers via lead nurturing and segmentation

We have discussed how emails can be used to bring more visitors and convert them into leads. But, the most important task of email marketing campaign is to close the lead. This is not important from revenue side of business but also from the perspective of taking the customer to the next stage of buyer journey. Let’s have a look at this in detail as to how we can close ….

Improve conversion from visitors into leads and learn from the best digital marketing company in India
Importance of Email Marketing

Convert Visitors into Leads using Email Marketing Campaigns

We have known email as a marketing technique, since the time digital marketing and internet came into picture. It is that old. But, its practice had decrease over the previous years, with inbox becoming stronger and landing promotion mails into spam and trash box. But, with time even email marketing campaign companies and email sending companies made mails more stronger and most often they don’t end in trash unless, you ….

We will discuss how can we attract visitors from the best email marketing company in India
Importance of Email Marketing

Attract Visitors by sending email with likeable content

We know that if we target the users in a better way we will be converting more visitors. The reason for this is simple. It suits their need and is something that they require. If you are a customer who has been looking for shirts and you receive a mail regarding this, you will definitely be interested in things related to this. This means if the mail has been directed ….

We will discussing how to improve digital marketing strategy using email marketing campaign
Email Marketing Campaign

How to improve Email Marketing Campaign ROI by 4300%

Till now, we have discussed about SEO, Social Media and Paid advertisements as well and saw that they offer a very high ROI. But, we didn’t touch email marketing campaign. In this post, we will discuss the importance of email marketing campaign and its importance. We all would have received email advertisements in our mailbox. We all are agitated of it. Aren’t we? As it is not even something which ….

we will discuss improving conversion rate using cta and thus, improving digital marketing strategy
How to convert visitors into leads?

How to Design Call to Action relevant to Visitor?

In this topic, we are going to talk about designing call to action that is effective and relevant to visitor. When, visitor comes to your site he wants to see the call to action for service he requires and not for anything else. As this may lead to taking the passenger away from website. In this chapter, we will be combining our previous learnings and putting them to use to ….

We will discuss methods to improve digital marketing strategy
How to convert visitors into leads?

Understanding how to convert visitors into leads?

One of the biggest task at the hands of a business is to convert visitor into lead. This can be done by offering content, landing pages and design that is relevant to the visitor and more likely he will like the information and exchange details. After, exchanging details visitors become leads and by targeting them you can convert them into customers. Clearly, in present times every business is after leads ….

We will discuss how to improve digital marketing strategy by converting more visitors
Conversion Process Best Practices

Conversion Process: Convert Visitors into Leads

Conversion process in inbound marketing strategy is about taking user to the next stage of the buyer journey. If he is a visitor you will need to convert him into a lead. The method for this simple. Use what we have discussed earlier i.e. call to action buttons, landing pages and thank you page. In this post, I will discuss about the conversion process. Steps for Conversion Process Bring Visitor ….

Improve digital marketing strategy using best landing page designs
What great Landing Page look like

5 great landing page examples that can help improve your strategy

Landing pages have always been an important point while designing your inbound marketing strategy. After knowing, what are the best practices for landing pages and what successful landing pages are, it is important to look at some real examples as to how websites use it to increase their revenue. Let’s have a look at it as to how they have been able to utilise this. SalesForce It is one of ….

we will discuss improving digital marketing strategy by designing landing pages for promotion to specifically set of visitors
Creating successful landing page

 Using landing page for promotion

We have discussed a lot about landing pages. We have also, discussed how to make them effective. One thing we didn’t discuss about was how to make use of these landing pages, to make special offers to prospects. We know that landing pages can be of 2 types lead generation and click through. Both have their own purposes. But, they have one thing in common which is they are designed ….

We will discuss how designing landing pages can help in digital marketing strategy
Creating successful landing page

Best Practices of Landing Pages

  We have discussed about landing pages and how they can improve the number of leads for our business. We have also discussed about landing page experience. In this post, we would be combining all the elements of landing page experience and combining them to create a gist of things, which you can implement as best practices for landing page. This will surely help you in generating traffic, leads as ….

We will discuss using landing page for improving inbound marketing strategy
Landing Page

How to generate leads using Landing Pages?

We discussed about defining landing pages in our previous chapter. We also discussed about how landing pages can be used to generate leads in brief. You might remember, there were 3 parts to landing pages generating leads, click through pages or general pages that may act as landing pages. Providing customer specific and relevant information can help you get more leads. This is what this post is about. We would ….

We will discuss how digital marketing strategy can be improved use of desigining landing page
Landing Page

What are landing pages?

  After clicking on call to action button, the first page that user visits is the landing page. He might have come to that page from search engine, social media, blog, other website, ads etc. Every landing page, is dedicated to a particular content which is related to the call to action button presented to the user. For example, customer who is searching for information on which shoes to buy, ….

Successful call to action strategy

Improve click through rate using Call to action

We have been praising all along, the effectiveness of call to action. And if you google search you would find every inbound marketing strategy, would be stating take the customer to next stage of buyer journey. In this post, we are going to back claims with statistics we found out and help you improve click through rate using call to action. Statistics that can help you improve Call to action ….

We will discuss how effective call to action placement can help in digital marketing strategy
Successful call to action strategy

Best practices – call to action placement

Call to action buttons are used to take customer, to the next stage of buyer journey, be it generating leads or helping them to find a solution they might be looking for. Call to action button comes in handy, to make sure your prospect is able to meet his requirements. Thus, placement of call to action button becomes really important as you want that your user should look at it ….

We will discuss how digital marketing strategy can be improved using call to action

Methods to convert visitors using Call to Action

  We have discussed earlier, the process of inbound marketing strategy. It begins with bringing user to website making him realise that he might be having a problem or user, who might be looking for some information. This depends upon stage of buyer journey customer is in. also we discussed, this would require an engaging content to make sure that customers stay and using call to action to move him ….