In which stages of inbound marketing can social media strategy can be used?

In our first lesson, we discussed about inbound marketing strategy and how it is divided into 4 parts attract, convert, close and customer delight. Each part has its own importance. Attract stage is where we bring customer to our website. Convert is where we make sure customer who had come for information, buys our product or service. In the third stage, we close the deal. Fourth Stage, deals with customer delight where you look after the customer. Now, social media’s role can fit into any of the 4 stages. You must be wondering how? We will discuss this in detail in this chapter of inbound marketing certification course.

We will discuss how social media strategy can be helpful for your digital marketing strategy

Using Social Media Strategy for Attract section

We know the need to bring customers, for business. We know more the traffic more the opportunity for doing business. There are various tools like SEO strategy, blog, content marketing strategy, but there is one strategy which will act as an instant medium and help in all these things as well. It is social media marketing. With the help of social media marketing you can attract customers directly and get help for SEO strategy and blog promotion as well, that too instantly.


Using Social Media for Convert Section

Once, the customer has visited we need to make sure we are able to move him to the next stage of buyer journey. Social Media can act as a tool here too. We will need to make sure Call to Action is there. Social media has facility of providing CTA as well. Also, reviews and ratings on social Media can help in making a convert decision and taking action by clicking on CTA or downloading pdf etc.


Using Social Media for Close Section

Close section includes closing the deal, sending email, smarketing. Each of them can have a relation with Social media. Social media acts as a medium of conveying information. So, when you are closing the deal social media can be used to showcase testimonials, feedback, review etc as in the convert section


Using Social Media for Customer delight

Use social media to interact with your existing customers. Interact with them, get their feedback, offer them service on social media, engage them, provide them tips and tricks and you would have made sure customer is happy with you.


For more information about social media strategy, you can visit our inbound marketing certification course. For any help or information on inbound marketing strategy you can contact The Buzz Stand Team.



In which stages of inbound marketing can social media strategy can be used?
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In which stages of inbound marketing can social media strategy can be used?
We will discuss how social marketing strategy can be used in various stages of inbound marketing methodology namely attract section, convert section, close section, customer delight section
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