How to generate leads using Landing Pages?

Chapter 64

We discussed about defining landing pages in our previous chapter. We also discussed about how landing pages can be used to generate leads in brief. You might remember, there were 3 parts to landing pages generating leads, click through pages or general pages that may act as landing pages. Providing customer specific and relevant information can help you get more leads. This is what this post is about. We would be learning more about this in this chapter.

We will discuss how designing landing page can help in digital marketing strategy
Using Landing Page to improve Inbound marketing strategy

Lead Generation Using Landing Pages


  1. SEO for landing page

You will need to make sure, that you have done your SEO analysis properly. Make sure that you have used the right keywords, built links, user page experience is good, Page is fast loading. You don’t want user to visit page which is not relevant to him. SEO will not only help you in rank up but help you reach relevant audience as well. Therefore, when you reach them chances of conversion go up and you can generate more leads.

Now, here you can do it by 2 ways.

One, you can provide information and then have a call to action which is like ebook, signup, form etc which asks user to fill details. This is targeting user in first stage in buyer journey who doesn’t have information and is looking to target users who are seeking information.


Second, you can ask users to fill the form and generate lead. This is targeting someone who is in second stage of buyer journey. Those, who already have information or know about problem and seeking a solution are the ones which are targeted in this.


  1. Use Social Media

Share your content along with relevant description on relevant platforms. If you are looking for which platform to choose, you can check out our post on choosing relevant social media.


The more you share, the more you bring people to your website. They might just realize they have need information and can act as a lead for you. Or, there might be people who are looking for solution they might also be a lead for you.


  1. Optimize Call to Action or Sign Up forms

Make your forms as clean as possible. You need to ease the process of customer. You want to make sure, that customer actually completes the next step. Avoid lengthy forms. Ask only for relevant information. Each column of your form should be clearly explained. In case, he is just signing up for ebook you can only just ask for his email, instead of whole biodata the first time.


  1. Build Trust using Landing Pages

Your landing page could have testimonials, feedbacks of customers or a portfolio of work. Try to talk numbers. Build a reputation in the mind of user so that he is convinced you are going to add value to what is he looking for.

Building trust, leads to a conversion rate that is much higher than others.


  1. Be specific

Users are impatient. If they don’t get what they are looking for they will just move away from your website. Hence, be specific. Target audience with relevant content. We have been saying it again and again but, this is a fact which many people forget and thus, have very poor conversion rates.


For learning and reading more about using landing pages you can visit our inbound marketing certification course. If you need any help in designing landing page you can contact The Buzz Stand Team.

How to generate leads using Landing Pages?
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How to generate leads using Landing Pages?
We will discuss generate leads using landing page so that you can maximize your revenue and improve inbound marketing strategy
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