How to create Adwords account and better your SEO analysis

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We all know the importance of keywords to get your SEO analysis right. Right keywords chosen also help in increasing the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy. But, how to do effective keyword research? Well the answer is simple, by creating Google Adwords account. It is a simple to use and a powerful piece of code written that can help you not only in SEO analysis but by effective use of ads. This ultimately helps in digital marketing strategy. Let’s discuss this in detail

Step 1: You need to make sure you have a gmail account. After that go to Adwords website. Now you would be getting a screen like this. Enter your username and password and login.

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Create Adwords account- Sign up

Step 2:  Then you would be taken to next screen as below. Enter your website details and move to the next screen

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Enter website details

Step 3: Setting up your first campaign. Even if you are not going to use Adwords as a Ads tool and simply using it as keywords research tool, but you would have to enter details. In case you are willing to use Google Adwords for ad campaign you can use that.

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Create Adwords first campaign


Step 4: Enter details and click next. Now since this campaign would become active you would be taken to screen like this. If you are going to use Google Adwords as keyword research tool. Don’t forget to turn off your campaign. For using keywords planner you need to enter these details and only then Google allows you to do so. Now you are ready for using keywords for SEO analysis and improving your digital marketing strategy.

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Adwords campaign is ready

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How to create Adwords account and better your SEO analysis
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How to create Adwords account and better your SEO analysis
This post discusses about improving SEO analysis using Adwords account and Google Keywords Planner Tool. Google Adwords can play a very important role in improving keyword research accuracy
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The Buzz Stand
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