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We have been discussing about a lot of things around GST tax in our basics of GST series. In this post, we would be discussing about some sort of a problem solver for many. There would be many businesses who would be going for GST enrolment online under the GST tax. Some of them might have the problem that their GST Provisional ID doesn’t work or is not able to generate. Let’s have a look on this topic in detail

GST Enrolment using GST Provisional ID

There are millions of taxpayers who are registered under various taxes like Excise, VAT, Service Tax, Luxury or entertainment tax have to make sure they get GST enrolment. For this purpose, they use GST provisional ID. All existing taxpayers have to mandatorily move on to GST tax, i.e. GST Registration in India is mandatory for them

The following details should be kept at hand for GST enrolment by the taxpayer

  • GST Provisional ID provided to the taxpayer by the authorities
  • Password received
  • Email id
  • Mobile number
  • Bank Account Number
  • IFSC Code

GST Provisional ID Format

  1. Incorporation Proof
    • In case of partnership firm- Partnership deed
    • For LLP, one person company, private limited company and other companies- Incorporation certificate
    • Other entities- registration certificate
  2. Photograph of Proprietor, Karta, Partner, Authorized Person as the case may be
  3. Authorization letter
  4. Photograph-Authorized signatory
  5. Bank details- Copy of passbook (first page with details) or bank account statement or cheque with name printed on it

GST Provisional ID Not Generated

More than 1 crore business have migrated to GST tax. If the business is an existing one under one of the taxes like service tax, VAT, Luxury tax, entertainment tax, Central excise or entry tax then GST Provisional ID would have been received already. However, if you didn’t here is what to do

This image helps explain the flow chart when GST provisional id is not working
GST Provisional ID not generated


GST Provisional ID Not Working

There might be a case where you might have received GST Provisional ID but that ID might not be working during GST enrolment process. If that is the case you would need to look at the following

First step would be to check your GST Provisional ID on check registration page available on the government site. If it is not working then GST Provisional ID could be expired, cancelled or invalid. Following are the errors that might appear on check registration page

Provisional: Application for enrolment is pending or yet to be filed

Pending for Verification: Application has been received and is under review by authorities

Validation against Error: PAN details entered in form do not match database. PAN to be re-entered

Migrated:  The application has been successfully migrated under GST. No changes can be done to the Application now. Provisional Registration certificate shall be made available at the portal after appointed date i.e. the date on which GST Act will come into force.

Cancelled: Provisional ID cancelled as existing registration might have been also cancelled

GST Provisional Email ID and Password Not Working

The following needs to be done in case there is an issue with email ID or password of GST Provisional ID

Image is explained as a part of basics of GST course
GST Provisional ID email and password not working

For reading and learning further you can visit our basics of GST series. In case you need any help regarding GST tax you can contact The Buzz Stand Team.

Solution to GST Provisional ID Not Generated or Not Working
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Solution to GST Provisional ID Not Generated or Not Working
We would discuss what to do in case your GST provisional ID is not working, while you are trying for GST enrolment process. Also what to do if your email id or password is shown as invalid
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