Alignment of SMarketing with Goals

We have been discussing how sales and marketing have to combine in order to deliver the most effective results. This means that we need to align our goals according to SMarketing strategy in order to make our inbound marketing strategy more effective. At times, you would realise that sales and marketing strategies are overlapping and their goals, this would mean two things. One, there might be confusion as to who would be doing that part. Second, they would need the help of each other and would have to work in coordination. This means in order to align with goals both will have to work in tandem.

The image below shows a brief about various sales and marketing tactics which can be used to improve the effectiveness of inbound marketing strategy. As, can be seen goals for both sales and marketing go hand in hand and hence, there is a need for both to work together to improve effectiveness of inbound marketing strategy.

We will discuss smarketing tactis for user, visitors, leads and customers
Smarketing Tactics

Improve Communication between Sales and Marketing Teams

Improving communication is the key in order to make strategy more effective. You will need to make sure there is synergy between sales and marketing, meetings are there, and better understanding of each other’s role. Try to have at least one meeting a week between them so both can share feedback and get to know what is the problem they might be facing. Sometimes, it is also good to allow them to function cross functionally so that they can get to know how both departments function and link between the two. This will help in improving the effectiveness of strategy.


The best method is to fix accountability for both departments. When, the role will be clearly defined achieving goals would become easier, as everyone would know their role and won’t have to spend time guessing. There are certain factors which are related to accountability which need to be considered which can help increase effectiveness.

  • Lead flow:

Marketing team’s role should be fixed to generation of quality leads and the quantity of leads generated. This way we would know the work done by marketing team. It should grow month on month so as to achieve business growth and make inbound marketing strategy successful.

  • Percent of leads worked and close rates:

Sales team should be assigned with interacting with leads and making sure leads are converted. The number of conversions would have to grow to make strategy successful.

Thus, sales team would have to convey their feedback to marketing team as what all has not worked well and how they can convert more leads. Marketing team will have to design the strategy accordingly.

Link Goals with Appraisal and Performance

As discussed above, accountability has to be fixed for both sales and marketing team. This can be done only if goals have been linked to their performance. If marketing team is asked to do a certain number of leads with a quality and sales team with a target for conversion you will see goals being achieved at a much faster rate.

Use tools and softwares to track user cycle

Use various software’s like CRM to monitor leads. When, a lead is generated it has to be entered in CRM so that sales team can follow up. Similarly, we would need to measure the entire lifecycle of users. This can be done with the help of various tools like Google Analytics, which can help tell you which was the medium through which visitor came, landing page and all the other pages it visited before it converted into lead. Then, we need to track how this lead became customer using various tools. HubSpot is a good tool. Along, with this you can use Google Analytics, Email marketing tool like Mail Chimp to measure email marketing conversion. We will discuss more about tools in detail in next posts.

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Alignment of SMarketing with goals
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Alignment of SMarketing with goals
SMarketing is a combination of sales and marketing. Alignment of SMarketing with goals is necessary if you want your business to grow. In this post, we will discuss how to do it.
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