5 Steps to Help Align Sales and Marketing – Smarketing

From the past few years, one term is constantly growing within the technology company – ‘Smarketing’.

Some people think that they know exactly what this is but, in reality, they know nothing. Some other knows about it but don’t bother to apply it to change their perspective of marketing.

Majority of the digital marketing company in India have their sales and marketing teams. The marketers play the role of creating content such as visuals or ads that are used to be posted in various places. Within some of the digital marketing company in India, the marketing teams monitor the new leads till the time they attain a point on the basis of the data which makes them completely perfect for their sales team.

The next task is done by the sales team which takes a qualified lead and carries out all the things they can in order to get noticed.

If you are working in similar sales and marketing communication company then you are much closer to the smarketing than you have ever thought.

We would discuss aligning sales and marketing strategy, which can help improve digital marketing strategy. This is an marketing infographics created by marketing company in Delhi
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So, what is Smarketing?

The smarketing is basically the integration of the processes of sales and marketing of a business. The basic objective of the smarketing is to perform the marketing as well as the sales function with one common and well-integrated strategy.

The process is quite simple in its appearance but it requires some more explanation. Such as, if you have a picture of the pipeline that has two pipe sections. Suppose one section as marketing and the other section as sales. The more strong relation between sales and marketing represents a strong relation between the pipes which is less likely going to leak.

The best way to get better marketing is to fuse the communication between departments of sales and communication according to your best ability.

It is quite important to integrate sales and marketing communication in your business because if your sale of a particular product is growing and a new product is going to be launched then going for a new strategy is not a good idea. This is completely understandable but the marketing department data must be enough to maintain your level of growth.

So, the removal of the barriers and increase communication between departments of sales and marketing allows for the better visibility within the achievements and the goals of every department. When both departments are going to work in an integrated approach, they are going to benefit each other with enough data and knowledge, leading ultimately towards more sales.

Alignment between Sales and Marketing:

A lot of companies undervalue the importance of marketing and sales alignment. The strong relation between sales and marketing fosters thorough knowledge, leading towards more sales and launch of more products. When the smarketing alignment has been done in the right way, it increases the level of sales as reported in a study by Aberdeen Group in which the aligned marketing and sales team got 20% growth in revenue as compared to their counterparts who received 4% reduction in revenue growth.

But, what are the best ways to perform smarketing effectively and profitably? Which factors are involved within the implementation of Smarketing strategy?

  1. Bring Everyone On Same Line:

To keep your relation between sales and marketing efficient and profitable, you have to keep everyone on the same page and so you have to work with them instead of working alongside. So, the first thing to be considered is the language between both of you.

In order to get the effective smarketing alignment, it is best to define the perspective of the customer and highlight all the procedures you are going to use to deliver the data and knowledge from the marketing towards the sales department. After that, it is crucial to find out that at which stage of marketing, your lead is ready to pass through the sales department. If the sales and marketing communication is not strong then they are more likely to pursue different expectations and this is how your potential sales will be reduced with significant wastage of time.

  1. Set Up Smarketing Service Level Agreement (SLA):

After defining the goals of each department, it is easy and quick to find out which department can support the other in achieving their goals. With the use of special percentages, numbers of time frame inside the agreement, every department performance is easy to measure.

Here comes the role of smarketing SLA which is important for every business because keeping hold of the marketing towards some specific goal, keeps everyone motivated and accountable for their responsibilities. It is highly important to evaluate the smarketing SLA over regular basis to carry out the performance and it also ensures that the marketing, as well as, the sales are constantly moving towards better outcomes.

  1. Link Your Customer Relationships With Marketing Analytics Software

After passing the products from the marketing department, what is the next procedure? They go to the sales department, so how to track them within the sales department? Is marketing department going to know about the products they have passed?

So, in order to keep things integrated within the sales and marketing department, it is better to connect the marketing automatic software with the CRM software. The integration of the two systems will lead towards better information about the products going to sale.

The other benefit offered by the inbound marketing strategy integrated approach is that the sales is going to offer feedback within which the programs of marketing which are working as compared to the ones that are not in the working state. At the day end, every department will be able to get information that could have been lost.

  1. Measure And Learn From Data

It is one of the best inbound marketing strategy to measure and analyze the performance of every department at every marketing and sales stage. The sharing of the data within the sales and marketing department over a single dashboard allows easily following the progress of each department to acquire the goals. With the measurement and the tracing of data, every department can easily find out that whether their leads are working or not and it also allows for the improvement of the product as well.

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5 Steps to Help Align Sales and Marketing – Smarketing
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5 Steps to Help Align Sales and Marketing – Smarketing
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