We will discussing how to improve digital marketing strategy using email marketing campaign
Email Marketing Campaign

How to improve Email Marketing Campaign ROI by 4300%

Till now, we have discussed about SEO, Social Media and Paid advertisements as well and saw that they offer a very high ROI. But, we didn’t touch email marketing campaign. In this post, we will discuss the importance of email marketing campaign and its importance. We all would have received email advertisements in our mailbox. We all are agitated of it. Aren’t we? As it is not even something which ….

We will discuss about social media tool and how can they benefit digital marketing strategy
Amplify content using social marketing strategy

Social Media Tools

We have discussed how to analyse social media. But one thing we did not discuss about was which tools to use for analysing social media. We know that there are analytics tools which are available on the social media sites as well. However, it can become difficult while you are managing to many platforms at the same time. There are various integration tools available in the market, which can help ….

We will discuss improving blog effectiveness and eventually making sure our digital marketing strategy works well
Improving blog effectiveness

Improving Blog Effectiveness: Blog Analysis

After you have written the blog, there is always a need of continuous evaluation and revision in order to optimize your inbound marketing strategy. We have discussed about content analysis and this is going to be similar to it. We will learn how blog analysis can be done using page views, article growth, most popular articles etc. Let’s discuss this in detail. Tools for blog analysis I mostly prefer using ….

We would have to do a backlink checking as a part of SEO analysis and to improve our inbound marketing strategy
Deciding success of SEO strategy

Checking backlinks for your page

We have discussed about link building strategy and the importance of backlinks in our previous chapters of inbound marketing certification course. We have learnt how by inclusion of links in your sites or referrals your site can gain authority and rank higher and how link building strategy can help you rank higher in Google page rankings. But how will you get to know which sites have included your links, or ….

We would be discussing how we can work upon our digital marketing strategy
Deciding success of SEO strategy

Deciding the effectiveness of primary keywords

Now after discussing about SEO strategy. We need to have a look at how effective it has been. Measuring a SEO strategy is all the more critical, as you get to know which part of it has done well and which has not, so that you can improve the effectiveness of the same. In this chapter of inbound marketing certification course, we would discuss about studying the effectiveness of primary ….