What is call to action button?

We have talked about conversion process and how with the help of call to action we can convert customers. Some of you might be wondering what actually call to action button mean and what all action qualifies under call to action button. We will also discuss what actually makes people click on this button and a little bit about different types of these button.

We would discuss how we can improve our inbound marketing strategy using effective call to action button
Using effective call to action

What Is a Call-to-Action?

Call to action can be a text or image that entices or prompts your prospect on lead to click on it and take action. It is also commonly known as CTA

A call to action button can be placed anywhere. It can be on the top so that user sees it easily, at the bottom, in between the posts.

Call to action button can be anything like download PDF, register now, by now, add to cart, fill the form, contact us or anything else that may be taking the prospect of the lead to the next stage of buyer journey.

Maximum number of times you would have only one call to action button for your content, but sometimes, you would need multiple call to action just to make sure that you increase the number of conversions or sometimes you might be targeting multiple product or services from one page.

Click to action button should be easily understandable to the user, should prompt the user and catch his attention to click on to it.  We will discuss below the best practices for an effective call to action.

Best practices for effective call to action

Creating an effective call to action can help your business grow rapidly. If you are doing it for the first time, there are chances that you might not be able to create an effective call to action unless you follow the pointers below

Catchy Design

We need to make sure that call to action button, is catchy and is something which catches the attention of user for sure. We would also need to have a look at how call to action button design would match with the interface of the website, so that it does not look something spamy or fishy

  Use of words

While designing a click to action it is in necessary to make sure that you just don’t write click here or submit now. Use phrases or words that catch people’s attention. You might use something like” Gateway to Grow your followers: Grab a copy for free” or “Grow your followers with one click: Grab a copy now” instead of simple words like click here, download pdf.

Also make sure, the language is simple as well, instead of using jargons, make it something that is easy for user to understand.

Value Proposition

Your user or prospect should know exactly when what would happen, when he clicks on your call to action. He should not be misguided or else you might just lose your prospect. You would need to make sure that, value proposition is covered under it.


The content should be relevant to your call to action. The users, would be coming through various mediums like search engines, social media etc. because of your content and if they find that call to action which can help solve the problem is not related to the content, they would be annoyed and you won’t get business. For example, your content relates to publicising an e-book, but you take them to selling your product or service then it’s going to be very difficult for you to take the prospect to the next stage of buyer journey.


For learning and reading more about making call to action buttons effective you can visit our inbound marketing certification course. If you need any help or information of the best digital marketing company in Delhi, you can contact The Buzz Stand Team.


What is call to action button?
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What is call to action button?
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