Idea Generation Techniques


Any business starts with an idea.  From where can this idea come from? There is no hard and fast rule or process from where an idea can from. But these are some of the common ways that entrepreneurs have been using to come up with an idea.

  1. Based on your past experience/background/ hobbies

Many of the entrepreneurs who are running their businesses today came up with ideas based on the work they were doing at that point or something related to their own field. Let us understand this with the help of an example. Anita graduated from NIFT and wanted to start her own fashion label. The idea of this came to her while she was pursuing her studies. This example explains how your background or liking for a certain topic can lead you to an idea

  1. Brainstorming

Brainstorming is a technique where you try to explore various opportunities available to you. It is an exercise done to find the solution to a problem. When we started this website we were trying to explore opportunities and find ways of how to help young minds in starting their own business.

  1. Spotting the future trends

Some of the most successful companies from Facebook, Google and EBay tried to spot the future trends or address an issue. Before EBay and Amazon were there no one had thought there could be any else mode to buying products than offline. Similarly, Facebook tried to solve the problem of social connectivity. They were not the first companies to have worked on these ideas. What made them successful was the fact that believed in that idea were able to execute it. We have discussed it later how execution can make all the difference.


If you are unable to come up with an idea or are unsure about it try to get help from you friends, family or a website like this where you can discuss and explore the various options available.

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