In this topic, we are going to talk about designing call to action that is effective and relevant to visitor. When, visitor comes to your site he wants to see the call to action for service he requires and not for anything else. As this may lead to taking the passenger away from website. In this chapter, we will be combining our previous learnings and putting them to use to create a call to action that is relevant to visitor.

Designing Call to Action

Before, talking about designing it we first need to remember what call to action actually is? Call to Action button is designed to take the user to the next stage of buyer journey. After, the user has been provided by the required information, visitor might be interested in your product or service or maybe you would want his details or provide him with free stuff. All this is done using CTA.

CTA is used for making sure, that your visitor gets to next stage and is not left wondering. You want your CTA to be placed at a strategic position and be attractive so that visitor cannot resist clicking on it.

Content will also play a role, as with a remarkable content visitor will want to move to the next stage and provide info or take action as you want him to.

CTA design should be made of clear color, should not have lot of text around it, should have the right size and be enticing to visitor.

Types of CTA

We have already discussed types of CTA. These can be either used for Forms, subscribing for email, sign up or registering him, download pdf or any other option. The basic purpose is providing a direction to visitor so that, he knows to click on it and get to next stage.

CTA Placement

CTA can be placed on the top, bottom, side, middle of the page. Placing CTA at different places have different conversion rates. It is different for every website. Some, like to keep it in middle, some like it on top or bottom.

How will you decide this?

Use A/B testing. It is a popular method. The basic is you will have multiple pages with Call to Action and you will display One design to some visitors and other design to some other visitors and try to note which get more visitors. Since, we are going to target the same group of customers (people who are looking for similar product/service, same demographics etc.) it will become, clear which CTA leads to more conversions.

You can read our CTA best practices while designing it to improve conversion rate.

Where can you design your CTA?

HubSpot and UnBounce are options that can help you provide variety of designs and Call to Action. If you use, WordPress just search and you will get numerous plugins that can help you in doing so.


Analyse CTA and see if it is reaching the relevant target and also check the effectiveness regularly. You will have to modify it accordingly, to make the best use of it. For learning and reading more about conversion process, you can visit inbound marketing certification course. If you need any help or information about inbound marketing strategy, you can contact The Buzz Stand Team.