Why should you optimize for mobile?

Chapter 24

We discussed about providing better user experience in order to get more conversions and sales for our business or for ranking higher in Google Page ranking. But one thing we didn’t discuss about was considering the device on which user is operating, in order to provide him with a better user experience. If you look at any big website they would be having 2 platforms one for desktop and the other for mobile. We don’t want the users to have bad experience while operating through mobile. Mobile has around 5 to 6’ in screen. Whereas, desktop has a screen which is quite bigger in size. You cannot expect a customer to visit desktop website on mobile. Even, Google doesn’t want that. In this chapter of inbound marketing certification course let’s discuss why is it important to optimize for mobile as a part of your SEO strategy.


  1. Number of Mobile users

We know that Desktop and mobile have two different configurations and given that number of mobile users is increasing day by day so is the traffic on websites from mobiles.  It is thus, better to provide a better experience and optimize your website for better mobile experience and this ultimately makes our inbound marketing strategy effective.

We would talk about optimizing mobile page experience for our inbound marketing strategy
Optimize mobile page experience
  1. Google Page Rankings

Google has kept a weightage for websites that how better an experience they can provide to audience. As a result, when people search on Google for a keyword, Google would rank a website higher or lower simply on the basis of page experience on the device Desktop or Mobile it is.

Google also has Google Page Speed test which helps you better optimize your website for mobiles. You can just enter your URL and it would tell you how to optimize it.

  1. Mobile needs faster loading pages

When we talk about using mobiles as device, we need faster loading pages. You can build amp or accelerated mobile pages for each web page. An amp has much lesser size and helps in faster loading. It is something which is promoted by Google and gives you a much higher ranking if your website has amp pages. Since, these amp pages have a different URL you have to do your SEO strategy for them separately.

  1. Generate more traffic

When you optimize for mobile you can get more traffic and conversions for your website. Having one strategy for business means that you do not want to get traffic from mobile. Whereas, the reality is most websites get more traffic from mobile than from Desktop because it is easier to use.


If you are targeting a developing economy like India you have to target mobile as penetration is much higher than that of desktop and you want to tap in those potential customers as well sitting in remote places. Most themes provided on websites are already optimized for mobile. Though AMP pages is something which have to be created by self or using Plugins.


If you are building website without use of web designing websites like WordPress, Wix etc you would have to take this in mind to include Mobile websites as well as AMP pages which will be the future of mobile.

optimizing desktop and mobile pages seperately helps your SEO strategy
Desktop page experience



In this chapter we talk to optimize mobile page experience for a better inbound marketing strategy
Optimize mobile page experience for wordpress

In next chapter of inbound marketing certification course, we would continue to learn more about SEO strategy. In case of any help or information on inbound marketing strategy you can contact The Buzz Stand Team.


Why should you optimize for mobile?
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Why should you optimize for mobile?
We would be discussing why it is important for website to optimize for mobile pages differently than desktop sites & how it can help inbound marketing strategy
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