Why should you focus on providing information rather than sell directly on your blog?

Chapter 45


Inbound marketing strategy, is all about bringing customers to your website rather business reaching out to them. This method is a cost-effective method and the most effective in term of ROI. This is something which we have discussed in our previous chapters of inbound marketing certification course.

Blog acts as a medium of reaching out to customers. How will customer reach out to you? He will be searching for a product or service and might land on one of the pages providing information. Now, if the customer hadn’t made his mind of buying and just wanted to look at the products for the sake of getting information and identifying if he has a problem or not, then he will need to learn on a page which will provide him with the adequate information so that he can make up his mind. Then when he has made up its mind you can redirect him to conversion page. But, directing him directly to the conversion page without providing him the information he requires or helping him make up his mind, won’t lead to any meaningful result and you will lose him.

You need to make sure that you time the buyer journey, meaning you need to first identify that in which stage is the customer. If he is just looking for information or he knows what the problem is and then targeting should be done accordingly.

For example, customer is looking whether he has a problem with his digital marketing strategy. He searches Google and comes to your website what he will find this information regarding this and how he has a problem on his hands. When he realizes he has a problem, he will look at alternatives and since you provided the information it is more likely that he will have a look at your offering.  However, if he is just searching for information and you directly land him to a page which offers your product or service he won’t buy it, since, he does not recognize what problem he might be facing. Also, providing information can you do a better user Page experience, in turn helping you out in your SEO strategy.

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Why should you focus on providing information rather than sell directly on your blog?
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Why should you focus on providing information rather than sell directly on your blog?
We will discuss the importance on focussing on providing information rather than directly selling product using blog and improving digital marketing strategy
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The Buzz Stand
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