Why is revising your content marketing strategy important?

Chapter 39

We will discuss how content revision will help in your digital marketing strategy
Revision of content marketing strategy

We have discussed the metrics which can help you identify whether the content on your page has done well or not.  If it has not done well of late do might consider revising your content.  There might also be other reasons like the content becoming outdated, content becoming irrelevant according to technology present, change in method users and search engines look at content etc. In order to make sure your revenue is not affected you will need to make sure that you keep analyzing and revising your content marketing strategy. We will discuss about this in detail, in this chapter of our inbound marketing certification course.


 Importance of revision of content marketing strategy

  1. Content on the website has not generated much traffic or conversions

You would remember we had talked about goal setting. At the time of content creation step is think about how much traffic would you like to get for your content. If you are unable to reach that level, it means your content marketing strategy was not successful in getting more traffic or conversions. For this purpose, you would need to analyze as to the possible reason as to why your webpage did not generate enough traffic or conversions. And accordingly, you would have to revise your content marketing strategy.


  1. Content becoming outdated

Your content might contain numbers on information, that could get outdated over a period of time and hence might need revision. Audience would need updated facts and figures in order to make up their mind. Else it might lead to less traffic and less engaging content, which might lead to your Page ranking lower on Google.


  1. Change in technology

There might be a change in technology which might make it important for you to revise your content in order to stay relevant.  For example, there was a time when websites were developed only for desktops. Slowly, the technology changed and people started using websites on mobile. Consequently, then what is the need to make a change in content to suit the needs of mobile users as well. Similarly, there has been a technology change in which Google is asking websites to develop content for AMP pages. So whenever, there would be a change in technology you would need to modify your content marketing strategy accordingly.


  1. Change in trend

You also have to modify your strategy according to the changing trends. There might be an error when people used to like website with informative text. But now people have started liking content which is more interactive, has videos, images, infographics etc. Keeping this in mind Google also has changed its ranking policies. Google also gives more weightage to user page experience. Therefore, in order to stay relevant, you will need to make changes according to the changing trends.


  1. Change in the way Google searches your website

There might be a chance that Google upgrade its algorithm and gives weightage to some another feature. Therefore, you would need to make sure that your content, matches the expectation of Google and still ranks high on the page rankings.


These are the major reasons you will have to keep revising your content over a period of time.  You can visit our page on inbound marketing certification course, to learn and read more about such strategies.  For any help or information on inbound marketing strategy you can contact The Buzz Stand Team.



Why is revising your content marketing strategy important?
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Why is revising your content marketing strategy important?
We will discuss why content revision is important and how it can increase the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy
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