What is the difference between working title of blog and topic of blog?

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We have been discussing about the importance of topic selection for the content on your blog. We know that the topic should be around what your website or business has to offer. It plays an important role in generating traffic and bringing customers who want information to search product or service is your website is offering.  It also plays a role in improving the user page experience and Page Rank. But there is another thing which is known as a working title. Working title is the actual heading of your content. Whereas, topic of your blog only gives an idea of what the content is about and title is the literal name of your piece of content. In this chapter of inbound marketing certification course, we will discuss more about working title and how is it different from topic. And he will also try to understand that how old is working title films in your inbound marketing strategy.


 What is working title of blog?

Working title is the literal meaning, of the content on your blog. If the prospect visits your site know that what your content is actually about? Suppose your topic might be on importance of digital marketing strategy but, working title can be 5 points why digital marketing strategy is important for your website.

Working Title is based on topic and if you want to convert topic into something meaningful and more interesting, working title is the name for it. Topic is the base, and title is the literal meaning.

Title is something which will show up when someone searches of your page on Google. Topic is the idea behind the content. Title will be the frontend.

Working title will help in getting SEO strategy correct. You can use working title to add keywords. Does that mean topic of the blog is irrelevant?

No, topic is still relevant. Topic helps in choosing category and tags as well as the working title. It also helps in off page SEO as you will like to build link on webpages which have content topic similar to yours.

Consider a funnel. There will be thousands of articles on a similar topic. But, there will be a limited number of articles with same working title.

We need to make sure that working title we choose is related to selected topic, else it will serve no purpose.

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What is the difference between working title of blog and topic of blog?
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What is the difference between working title of blog and topic of blog?
We will discuss what is a working title for blog and how is it different from choosing a topic. We will also look how it can help in digital marketing strategy
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