What is Inbound Marketing?

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 Inbound Marketing Course:

inbound marketing strategy explained as a part of inbound marketing certification
Inbound marketing strategy explained

The new generation of marketing came with the introduction of inbound marketing in which, customers are pulled towards the product rather than pushing of product towards them. It is all about how attractively a product is presented.  The content must have the potential to attract the target customers. It includes gaining interest of individual by the means of written content and bringing them towards the product.

It is completely different from traditionally used marketing methods. As, in those methods an impression of product is created an impact on the minds of target audience so that when they opt for buying something this impression may play its role. This process depends on chance, certainty is provided whether this advertisement will work or not. On the other hand, in inbound marketing strategy no such advertisement is used. This marketing method directly brings the customer to the product, there is no space for the middleman.

This new marketing method require less capital and provide better approach. Today’s world is technologically updated and advanced, where all information’s are provided and collected over a very wide area network i.e. internet. Internet provide a platform for marketing in the form of inbound marketing.

It’s goal is to earn attention of the customer for startup companies.

This marketing method include new, in treating and appealing content which a reader could not resist. It includes process from attracting till selling a product.

Inbound marketing strategy has been explained. Also, image helps in studying inbound marketing certification
Inbound marketing strategy

Inbound marketing is a quite complex process and for better understanding we have divided the course for inbound marketing certification  in four sections-

-the first section includes “Attract section”

-the second section is “Convert section”

– the third section is ” Closing section”

– and the last section is “Delight section”

Let us know about these sections in detail

  • Attract section

Being found is the initial process of inbound marketing strategy. It begins with attractive and appealing content generation to attract audience or customer. The content is presented in front of customers using different modes like blogging, seo etc.

It is about getting discovered by the customer so that the company may know about their target and work accordingly upon them. This is important to know what kind of content must be presented to whom.

Since inbound marketing strategy is direct marketing and its target customer in each case is a single customer every time, so accordingly the content is created, that suits the mentality and need of that person, who is reading it at that time.

Blogging is one of the best way of spreading content and letting people know about the product. Most of the today’s population use blogs to share their view, hence blogs are highly read content and have many target audience. Using blogs to deliver content to the customer is an efficient method.

The next is SEO i.e. search engine optimization. As search engines are mostly used to browse content and to find answers to the question, the company must make sure that it had provided proper, clear and transparent content on search engines. This is known as seo strategy.

Social networking sites are another key source. These sites are mostly used by the younger generation so those products which are related to the needs of youths, the based content must be provided on social networking sites.

Writing e-books, creating webinar, and using proper emailing strategy can help a start-up company to gain large number of customers.

  • Convert section

Then next most important section is conversation section, which is also known as intercourse section or exchange section. In this section a space is provided for the prospect to have real conversation with the company, so as the prospect may get information about the company, and the company may gain information about their new prospect.

This is done to set a marketing strategy of holding a customer by entertaining them using word and conversation. The need of this section is to gain trust of the prospect. After being attracted by the content, when a prospect head towards to buy a product the thing he need is trustworthiness of the company and to prove it this space of conversation is provided.

The word intercourse is used to show a deep relation between two individuals. This section is called intercourse section to elaborate the relationship between buyer and the seller. In this section, the product is promoted personally to the prospect.

  • Close section

The third section  is disclosing section in which the product is disclosed in front of the prospect. This is the time when a prospect turns in to a customer.

Also, it is known as conclusion phase because finally the product is sold to a customer. This section must be well structured that the customer should not feel disappointed. Delivery of right message at right time is must in this section.

At this state, high patience is needed because both the buyer and the seller are tired of asking and answering questions to each other. When a prospect is feuded with a lot of facilities and when he is pleased with the first product, he is mentally prepared by the company to come again and buy the next product. This is called ‘nurturing’ when you provide a good quality content to audience, it will never get bored or frustrated by it.

  • Delight section

After a product being sold and customer being highly satisfied the process of free promotion begins. When the customer is satisfied and happy with the product he will advise other members of his community to buy it. This is free promotion of the product. Therefore, it is also known as free marketing section.

This section is called pleasure marketing because no special efforts or capital is invested by the company, it is all free of cost based on service provided.

The strategy to increase is marketing is to provide an appropriate space for the customer to place their reviews, opinions, about the product also a special space for what to be improved is needed. This also facilitates invention of new products using ideas provided by the pleased customers.

Summing up, inbound marketing meaning can be understood as a process of bringing customer to the product. It requires less effort and comparatively less capital as compared to traditional marketing methods. At every stage improvement and corrections are needed. Also, one of the most important need is newness of the content. The content provided must be renewed constantly to maintain its freshness. Inbound marketing strategy is content plus concept marketing

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