What is inbound marketing conversion?

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Inbound marketing conversion comes into play when you have a prostate on your site and you want to move him to the next stage. The next stage might include the prospect subscribing to your content, downloading e-books, registering for the website or buying product or service. Any step, which enables users are visiting your page to move onto the next date of the buyers journey becomes a part of inbound marketing conversion.

We will discuss how to improve digital marketing strategy using conversion process
Inbound marketing conversion process

Look at the image below. This briefly explains how the movement would happen. The prospect would visit your site through various medium and the content on the site, would enable the prospect to take action. This way you would have generated a new lead and you will call it as conversion when, he takes any of the action.

Prospect to Lead cycle

A typical conversion rate of 3% is considered as an average conversion rate. Anything above 5% is considered as exceptional. You will need to make sure that whatever, content marketing strategy you use conversion should be a key area which you should be thinking about along with attract.

  • Align content marketing strategy with your conversion strategy

Design content keeping in mind, sales generated from each content. There might be some pages which would be leading to more conversions and some which are not as effective. Make sure, you take inputs of all this and design content according to your offerings or people’s liking


  • Call to Action

Call to action button is important part of your conversion process. It should be placed at an appropriate location to generate maximum converts.  It is important to let your customer know that you have a solution to their problem and you can take them to the next stage of the buyer journey

  • Landing page experience

It plays a crucial part in making converts. When your customer searches for your brand, you need to make sure that right keyword search results in right page being clicked. You don’t want to take a person in first stage of buyer journey directly to convert page. Also, landing page experience helps not only in conversion process but other parts of inbound marketing strategy.


  • Converting Leads to Customers

Converting the lead into the customer is the most important stage for any business. This is the stage which will help you bring in revenue. We will also be dealing with how to convert these leads to customers. Little jesters some of the best practices that should be followed to convert your leads into customers.

  • Start putting sales into your strategy from the beginning

The rule of inbound marketing strategy is, that you want to drive maximum number of customers by spending minimum amount of time and effort. Obviously, we need a good and engaging content but, if we are not able to convert those leads into our customers, it won’t be of any help for the business.  Therefore, start thinking about sales from first point when, you are designing a strategy.

  • Work your strategy backwards

Suppose, you want to make sales of 1 lakh. Then, you will need to make sure that you have the average that per person will spend. After calculating this, you will know the desired Number of c that you are able to generate enough revenue required for your business. Then you would also know how many number of leaves are required to generate a specific number of customers. Then you can work backwards to design your content and SEO strategy accordingly.

  • Use HubSpot conversion tool

HubSpot offers a marketing tool which helps showcase, the lead, the conversion action for your site. Use this tool and bring more customers to your site. It has variety of pop ups or CTA button available which are surely going to help you.

  • Use insights

Try to track as many insights of your visitor as possible. For example your visitor might have come through a social media post and would have downloaded content from your website. Track the page and content customer was interested in and pitch your product or service accordingly to him.

  • Tracking

Make sure you are able to generate converts from the leads. Keep a track of everything. Monitor sales, conversion rates. Use CRM software. It is the best method that can help you track leads, maintain records and remember details about your customer that might help you in personalising the product.

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What is inbound marketing conversion?
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What is inbound marketing conversion?
Inbound marketing Conversion forms an important part of digital marketing strategy and helps in improving the effectiveness
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