Using directories for link building strategy

Chapter 26

We would be discussing about directory listing as a part of SEO strategy
Directory listing as a part of SEO strategy

Creating directory listing is a part of the manual outreach program of the link building strategy. Directories or Local yellow pages are an effective way to let them know about your business. The links present on directory are effective but not as strong as those natural links gained from referrals in post. In this chapter of inbound marketing certification course, we would be discussing about using directories to make our link building strategy effective.


What counts as directories?


Directories are pages which contain listing of business related to a particular goods or service. It is similar to a telephone directory that are there, except the fact that these websites provide an opportunity to mention your website.


Are these directories indexed?


Yes, these directories are indexed. They also have a domain authority since, these websites are searched by millions of users daily.


How useful are these directories?

Listing on these directories can have 2 benefits

  1. Indexing and Authority

Search Engines consider your link on website and index them as mentioned above. They also help in providing authority to your site. Though this is considerably less than the authority we get when backlink is through natural link building strategy, it still counts. If your site is new you may definitely like to use this opportunity.

  1. Getting Referral Traffic

Even if you think it is not going to help you in indexing, it can help you bring referral traffic, as these websites are searched by millions daily. There are good chances you might get some traffic. Also, you would be creating awareness about business by creating a business profile on directory.


Google My Business

Google my Business helps you list your business on Google, the highest traffic getting website. When, you submit your business to Google My Business, your listing would appear on map. So, when someone searches for a good or service offering your website name will come up. It will help creating awareness and driving traffic.

in this image we are discussing about directory listing opportunity on Google my business as a part of our inbound marketing strategy
Google my business- directory listing opportunity

Bing Business

It is similar to what Google does, except the fact it shows them on Bing search engine and affiliated Microsoft sites.

This image would help us understand Directory listing on bing business as a part of making seo strategy effective
Bing Business- Directory listing opportunity

Apart from these two there are a number of websites that can help you in implementing your SEO strategy effectively


Some of these websites are YELP, yellow pages, Just Dial, India Mart, Hot Frog. We have a list of around 50 websites which has been shared in directory list for link building

For learning and reading more about SEO strategy you can read more at our inbound marketing certification course. In case you need help or information on link-building strategy you can contact The Buzz Stand Team.



Using directories for link building strategy
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Using directories for link building strategy
We would discuss about how can you make your SEO strategy and link building strategy effective with directory listing on places like Google My Business, Bing Business etc
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