Using Buyer persona and Buyer journey for keyword research

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In this post we discuss various methods to make use of buyer persona and buyer journey for website and make our digital marketing strategy successful
Using buyer persona and buyer image for successful digital marketing strategy

We have previously discussed about buyer persona and buyer journey in our inbound marketing certification course. In this post, we would be linking them to make your keyword research effective and help us in achieving goal of making inbound marketing strategy successful.

As we have previously discussed for doing keyword research we use various analytics, do search volume trends, long tail keywords, details of content i.e. relevancy. Understanding the buyer persona, how you want your ideal customer to be is very important. We are going to help explain this with the help of simple questions


Over the next 12 months where do you see your business or website?

This question affects your keyword research greatly. The more you know about your business goals clearly, the more effective keyword research you can do for your business. If you know your business goals you would have a clear idea in which direction to steer your keyword research and inbound marketing strategy. Suppose- you might want to expand your business line by expanding into other categories or you might want to increase revenue with existing categories. This question will help you in doing your keyword research effectively.

What is your buyer persona or who are your ideal customers?

By answering this question, we are able to do keyword research in a better manner and are able to reach the right customers. Suppose we are a shoe seller and want to reach out to customers who are male and office goers. Hence, we will do our keyword research accordingly and try to rank for keywords that match our buyer persona. We have already discussed how to decide your buyer persona and after that is done we can use it for keyword research.

How to use buyer journey?

We have already discussed various stages of buyer journey. If we are sure about it we can effectively use keywords for each stage. The important point here would be to make sure you do a balanced keyword research across all stages and use them accordingly. Suppose the buyer is in 1st stage and is just deciding upon a problem. Then your website should come up to that kind of customer. Similarly, for 2nd and 3rd stages as well. You need to make sure you have done your keyword research for each stage. Thus, using buyer journey would lead to an overall successful inbound marketing strategy.

For reading and learning further you can visit our inbound marketing certification course. In case you need any help or information regarding the same you can contact The Buzz Stand Team.



Using Buyer persona and Buyer journey for keyword research
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Using Buyer persona and Buyer journey for keyword research
We would be discussing how we can use buyer persona and buyer journey to make our keyword research successful and an effective digital marketing strategy
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