Understanding organic search results and paid search results

In the previous chapter of our inbound marketing certification course we had discussed about how search engines rank your website. The method which is used there is an organic method. There is another method where you place an advertisement over certain keywords that is known as paid search results. Both organic and paid search results are important for your inbound marketing strategy. Let’s have a look at them in detail.

Organic Search Results and Paid Search Results

This post helps understand which kind of inbound marketing strategy to go after. The buzz stand through its inbound marketing certification course tries to help entrepreneurs better there skills
Which inbound marketing strategy is better- organic or paid?

Consider this image. I searched for a keyword digital marketing. Now there are multiple search results. These are websites that Google think are most likely related to the text that had been searched. Now, this is the organic way. Companies use SEO methods to try to get to top

Then you would have some websites which are showing up because they are advertisements. Identifying paid search results is easy and they have usually ad mentioned. They are a paid listing and these advertisements can be on the top, right side or at the bottom of the page.

Which is a better inbound marketing strategy- Organic or Paid?

This is actually a difficult question to answer. Both organic search results and paid search results can bring results to your website. The kind of stage your website and business is in would determine which inbound marketing strategy to go after. If you are a new website it is very difficult for you to rank organically on the first page. It is better to go after paid search results to get traffic for your website till you are able to do SEO and rank better organically. If you are an established website then you would be ranking better and might not need paid search results. Paid ads are also beneficial when you want to rank higher over certain keywords but were unable to do so using organic search results.

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