Types of Backlinks

Chapter 22

We are talking about link building strategy and types of backlinks that might help making our inbound marketing strategy effective
Types of backlinks

We have discussed about the link building strategy and its uses in our previous post in inbound marketing certification course. We know the importance of these links. They help us in providing authority and validity to the content posted on site and help in Google page ranking as well. We would now be discussing the various types of links that are present and how can we detect them.

We have 4 kinds of actions possible to define a link – index, no index, follow, no follow and combination of these are also possible. Let’s discuss what they mean so that you can get your SEO strategy in place.

Index and NoIndex

These are codes mentioned in html code as can be seen below. They tell the Google whether to index your site or not. By indexing we mean should Google crawl that page or not on which the code is written. If the web page has rel=” nofollow” written anywhere in the code. Google will not index that page meaning it will not be available on the search engine. You can read more about how Google indexes website to get an idea how Google uses it to rank Website.

WE can see this post is a noindex , nofollow one and can be importantfor our link building strategy
NoIndex Nofollow

DoFollow and NoFollow Links

This is used to tell Google whether the link that is mentioned must be followed or not. Say, a website has referred you. If the link on that website is a nofollow one that means Google will not use that link to boost your rankings. However, it will still get indexed as it is not a no index one. Do follow link is one that Google crawls and considers it a part of its algorithm to increase the domain authority and page rank of the website.

The default setting is index and do follow. Google would consider it like this if nothing has been mentioned specially in the code. This becomes especially important when planning your SEO strategy. It makes no sense to have a link on no index page.

We would be discussing about nofollow links as a part of improving our link building strategy
Nofollow link

Does it make sense to have a nofollow link?

Nofollow link doesn’t mean the link won’t get indexed. It will show in search results. But, it won’t increase your PageRank. However, it will create an awareness with the search engine as well as users visiting that content.

Awareness is also created if content is present on no index page. As even though it won’t be indexed, users can visit the link through website. However, its relevance is bound to be low as we won’t find that URL on search engines.  If we talk about precedence for the same website which might have any of the following

(Dofollow, index) > (Nofollow, index) >( dofollow, noindex) > (nofollow,noindex)

We must keep this in mind while, making our SEO strategy. We would be continuing our discussion to make inbound marketing strategy effective in our inbound marketing certification course. In case you want any help or information regarding SEO strategy you can contact The Buzz Stand Team.

Types of Backlinks
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Types of Backlinks
We will discuss about the types of backlinks that should be kept in mind while preparing your SEO strategy. These are namely index, noindex, dofollow and nofollow.
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