The need of a Business Plan

A Business plan is used to evaluate and assess the business. It could be used for yourself or bank or an investor.  A b plan provides the content in written form and helps in aligning things.This article gives you an insight as to why a b-plan is needed.

  1. Strategize business

It helps in setting of objectives and goals. With the help of this we can also prioritize things and allocate resources properly.

  1. While applying for loan

Banks require a b-plan when you are applying for loan. They want to know the purpose of business, how is to going executed, where would the funds be required and how is the money going to be generated by the business to repay the loan.

  1. Looking for an investor

A b-plan is required when you want an investor in your business. The investor would like to have a look and assess on the basis of various that whether it should invest or not. Thus making b-plan an essential thing

  1. Setting vison and common goals with founder

Many a time’s business can get diverted from what they plan to do or there can arise differences as to where to go. B-plan helps to sort things and gives a direction and estimation as to where the business should go.

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