We will understand how you can improve digital marketing strategy using social media marketing analysis
Amplify content using social marketing strategy

Social Media Analysis

  We now know how to create presence on social media platform. After we have created a presence, we need to make sure, that we analyse what strategy we had implemented on social media accounts. We need to make sure what is working for us and what things need to be improved upon. We need to know how engaged is the audience on various social media platform and are we ….

using social media platform for digital marketing strategy
Amplify content using social marketing strategy

Finding right social media platform for business

Start-ups pose two big challenges for themselves one is the shortage of money and two it is limited amount of manpower available to them for their work. Internet has created many things. It has created search engines where people can find answers to anything, e-commerce websites where people can buy anything and now the social media where people can share anything, take their business to the masses and ultimately improve ….

Using smart goals to set your goals and ultimately improve digital marketing strategy
Amplify content using social marketing strategy

What are SMART goals and using them in social media marketing

We have discussed about social media marketing and how it can be used in various stages in previous classes. In order to make sure that you are able to get desired results, you will have to set goals for each and every strategy mate. One of the strategies that can be used is smart goals. SMART goals are not only helpful in your social media strategy but in all the ….

We will discuss how social media strategy can be helpful for your digital marketing strategy
Social Media Strategy

In which stages of inbound marketing can social media strategy can be used?

In our first lesson, we discussed about inbound marketing strategy and how it is divided into 4 parts attract, convert, close and customer delight. Each part has its own importance. Attract stage is where we bring customer to our website. Convert is where we make sure customer who had come for information, buys our product or service. In the third stage, we close the deal. Fourth Stage, deals with customer ….

We will discuss how blog can be used tio create trust and improving digital marketing strategy
Blogging Fundamentals

How to use blog for building Trust?

We have been discussing how blogging helps us. We discussed various reasons like getting customers, increasing relevance, generating revenue, educating prospects etc. But, the force that is behind all these blogs is building trust with customers, that acts as medium of building trust with the customer. In this chapter of inbound marketing certification course, we will discuss how to use blog to build trust to prospect.   Educates the customer ….

Relation of content writing with digital marketing strategy
content creation

How does content marketing strategy fit into the universe of inbound marketing strategy?

In the previous chapter of inbound marketing certification, we defined content and also discussed how this content marketing strategy overlaps with SEO strategy. Both of them form an important part of inbound marketing strategy. Content is related to every element of inbound marketing and we will discuss in detail how and why it is so? Association of Content Marketing Strategy with Social media marketing Content marketing strategy is connected to ….