Post will help in understand financial business planning which is an important part of basics of finance

Business Financial Planning

Planning is the first step in the process of management involving creative thinking and insight in future. Similarly, financial planning is the task of determining how a business will afford to achieve its strategic goals and objectives. Finance is considered as the life blood of every business and therefore financial planning is an integral part of planning process. Often a company starts working on its financial plan right after it ….


Marketing power of rewards

  As rational consumers we always tend to want more and more products or services for any amount paid. Producers/Vendors on the other hand want to create large consumer base so that they continue to reap profit for an elongated time period. So, the expert marketers came up with a new strategic marketing policy of Loyalty/Reward programs. Reward programs are structured marketing strategies designed to encourage customers to continue to ….


P2P Lending: Banking without Banks

  P2P lending or peer to peer lending is a new term which relies on small individuals. P2P lending aims to remove the banks and financial intermediaries from in between and make lending a simpler process. It makes lending just a matter of few hours.  All you need to do is fill the form online and another individual who wishes to lend money can choose you to earn extra money. ….


PESTEL Analysis

PESTEL Analysis is a tool which is used to study the macro environment for companies in the areas they are operating. PESTEL is an acronym for Political, Economic, Social, Technology, Environment and Legal Analysis. Before starting a business one of the first things the companies need to look at is the macro environment in the regions they wish to operate. Not only for new businesses, PESTEL is equally important for ….


Affiliate Marketing: A way to make more money

Affiliate Marketing is a strategy where you hire an affiliate in the form of either individual or company. This affiliate would try to bring in more customers for you in return for money. It is a method of tapping the untapped market.Suppose you have a product which is not being used by certain section or you want to increase the presence of your product in that segment. Then, affiliate marketing is one ….