Marketing power of rewards

  As rational consumers we always tend to want more and more products or services for any amount paid. Producers/Vendors on the other hand want to create large consumer base so that they continue to reap profit for an elongated time period. So, the expert marketers came up with a new strategic marketing policy of Loyalty/Reward programs. Reward programs are structured marketing strategies designed to encourage customers to continue to ….

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Importance of Business Valuation

Basics Of Finance Series We humans tend to have the tendency of measuring value of each and every thing we spend our money on. Starting up a business involves huge risks so it becomes all the more important to check its economic worth from time to time. Business valuation can be defined in several ways but in layman language we can define it as, Business Valuation is a process and ….

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What causes a business to flourish?

  It is an established fact that 90% of startups fail in the long run. So what is it that causes the remaining 10% to fight all odds and emerge as industry leaders, turn into unicorn or maybe feature in the list of top 500?  Many attribute the success of a company to key factors like customer orientation, good work culture and presence of a strong and influential leadership. But ….


The importance of Brand Building

Have you ever wondered why do some people buy only a certain product? There might be friends of you who would like to visit a particular store or have a burger from a particular company.  Yes, you guessed it right it all happens because of the power of a brand. When you want to know about brands think about Adidas, Dominos, McDonalds, Facebook etc. All these names would bring a ….


The need of a Business Plan

A Business plan is used to evaluate and assess the business. It could be used for yourself or bank or an investor.  A b plan provides the content in written form and helps in aligning things.This article gives you an insight as to why a b-plan is needed. Strategize business It helps in setting of objectives and goals. With the help of this we can also prioritize things and allocate ….


Reasons to start your own Business

  Are you a budding entrepreneur who is thinking to start a business but is unable to take the risks because of the fear of failure and the various societal pressures that exist? Starting a business is a journey and there might be many reasons as to take on this path. This post would help you motivate and introspect yourself as to why you should start your own business. Work ….


P2P Lending: Banking without Banks

  P2P lending or peer to peer lending is a new term which relies on small individuals. P2P lending aims to remove the banks and financial intermediaries from in between and make lending a simpler process. It makes lending just a matter of few hours.  All you need to do is fill the form online and another individual who wishes to lend money can choose you to earn extra money. ….


Idea Generation Techniques

  Any business starts with an idea.  From where can this idea come from? There is no hard and fast rule or process from where an idea can from. But these are some of the common ways that entrepreneurs have been using to come up with an idea. Based on your past experience/background/ hobbies Many of the entrepreneurs who are running their businesses today came up with ideas based on ….


Doing the Break-Even analysis

So how much units you think you need to manufacture so that you would be able to break even? This post would help you find out the break-even point. There are three things you need to know to calculate the break-even point Selling Price of Product Cost of Manufacturing Product(Variable Cost) Fixed CostsDuration to break-even Now, when you have calculated the quantity to break even you need to know the ….


Affiliate Marketing: A way to make more money

Affiliate Marketing is a strategy where you hire an affiliate in the form of either individual or company. This affiliate would try to bring in more customers for you in return for money. It is a method of tapping the untapped market.Suppose you have a product which is not being used by certain section or you want to increase the presence of your product in that segment. Then, affiliate marketing is one ….


The Rise of Patanjali

  There is no denying the fact that the stars of Patanjali Ayurved, the FMCG venture promoted by Yoga Guru Ramdev, have on been on the rise. Yes it has had its fair share of controversies, be it the FDSA in Merrut labelling its Atta noodles sub-standard due to high ash content or its products not being approved by FSSAI, yet this has not stopped the company from registering a ….


Remarketing: A strong concept in digital marketing

  Remarketing as a concept is fairly simple. Advertise to internet users who have viewed products or services online but left before any significant conversion or buying. This is achieved by purchasing ad spaces on other websites. It is considered as one of the best ways to sell simply because an average customer visits a website five to eight times before actually converting, according to Row Boldessara, founder & CEO ….