We would be discussing different stages of content for our digital marketing strategy
content creation

Different stages for content marketing strategy

We have been discussing about how content marketing strategy can be linked to other elements of inbound marketing strategy. We also discussed about the chapter various elements of content marketing strategy. In this chapter of inbound marketing certification course, we would discuss about these elements in detail.   Content marketing strategy is divided into 5 parts- information, purpose, audience, form and channel.   Information We need to first know, the ….

Relation of content writing with digital marketing strategy
content creation

How does content marketing strategy fit into the universe of inbound marketing strategy?

In the previous chapter of inbound marketing certification, we defined content and also discussed how this content marketing strategy overlaps with SEO strategy. Both of them form an important part of inbound marketing strategy. Content is related to every element of inbound marketing and we will discuss in detail how and why it is so? Association of Content Marketing Strategy with Social media marketing Content marketing strategy is connected to ….

We would be discussing how content can help in digital marketing strategy
content creation

Content Writing and Content Marketing Strategy

We all have been discussing about SEO strategy in our previous lessons. But, this SEO strategy can only be successful if we are able to implement our content writing strategy. Content writing and SEO strategy have to go hand in hand and complement each other. But, before we understand the relationship between the two, we need to understand about content writing and what qualifies as one in this chapter of ….