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Best Practices of Thank You Pages

We all understand it can be hard to get leads for our business. Many of us even spend thousands of dollars on marketing and still can’t achieve desired results. Is it because the digital marketing company we choose, is not good enough or something else? The answer to this will be most of the times you are unable to convey message to the audience as to what they should do ….

we will discuss improving digital marketing strategy by designing landing pages for promotion to specifically set of visitors
Creating successful landing page

 Using landing page for promotion

We have discussed a lot about landing pages. We have also, discussed how to make them effective. One thing we didn’t discuss about was how to make use of these landing pages, to make special offers to prospects. We know that landing pages can be of 2 types lead generation and click through. Both have their own purposes. But, they have one thing in common which is they are designed ….

We will discuss using landing page for improving inbound marketing strategy
Landing Page

How to generate leads using Landing Pages?

We discussed about defining landing pages in our previous chapter. We also discussed about how landing pages can be used to generate leads in brief. You might remember, there were 3 parts to landing pages generating leads, click through pages or general pages that may act as landing pages. Providing customer specific and relevant information can help you get more leads. This is what this post is about. We would ….

We will discuss how effective call to action placement can help in digital marketing strategy
Successful call to action strategy

Best practices – call to action placement

Call to action buttons are used to take customer, to the next stage of buyer journey, be it generating leads or helping them to find a solution they might be looking for. Call to action button comes in handy, to make sure your prospect is able to meet his requirements. Thus, placement of call to action button becomes really important as you want that your user should look at it ….

We will discuss how digital marketing strategy can be improved
Improve Social Media Effectiveness

Aligning Social Media Content with Buyer Journey

  For a successful social media strategy, we need to make sure that we target the right audience and at the right time. This gives rise to the relevance of targeting people at a specific stage of buyer journey and taking it to the next level.  This will make our task easier to generate traffic. There is no point in targeting customer, who is not seeking for a solution or ….

We will discuss how blog helps in increasing your digital marketing strategy effectiveness
Making Blog successful

Why should you focus on providing information rather than sell directly on your blog?

  Inbound marketing strategy, is all about bringing customers to your website rather business reaching out to them. This method is a cost-effective method and the most effective in term of ROI. This is something which we have discussed in our previous chapters of inbound marketing certification course. Blog acts as a medium of reaching out to customers. How will customer reach out to you? He will be searching for ….

We will discuss how to blog and how it can improve digital marketing strategy
Making Blog successful

Choosing the right topic for blog

  There are lots of people out there who would be eager to know how to blog and select a topic for blog. Selecting a topic can sometimes create complications, as you would want the best audience, ranking, traffic, target buyer persona and buyer journey all at the same time. We will discuss this in detail in this chapter of our inbound marketing certification course. There are certain questions, which ….

Blog as a medium for digital marketing strategy
Blogging Fundamentals

How to use blog to generate new leads?

Blogging is a medium to let the world know about your passion, business, emotions, you can express everything on it. For businesses, it acts as a medium to generate new lead and customers. We also discussed in our previous chapter, that blog can generate new visitors as it acts a medium, helps in SEO strategy and content marketing strategy and ultimately in inbound marketing strategy as well. The same is ….

This image will help in deciding topic for content and help in understanding this digital marketing course
content creation

Things to be kept in mind while selecting a topic for content

Everyone wants customers to come to their site. But, we don’t want customers coming through a misled route meaning, if a customer wants to buy books he should not land on a page selling shoes. This is bad both for the customer as well as the business. This is something which the content marketing strategy be about, making sure your content reaches the right audiences. In this context topic selection ….

We would be discussing different stages of content for our digital marketing strategy
content creation

Different stages for content marketing strategy

We have been discussing about how content marketing strategy can be linked to other elements of inbound marketing strategy. We also discussed about the chapter various elements of content marketing strategy. In this chapter of inbound marketing certification course, we would discuss about these elements in detail.   Content marketing strategy is divided into 5 parts- information, purpose, audience, form and channel.   Information We need to first know, the ….

In this post we discuss various methods to make use of buyer persona and buyer journey for website
Using SEO strategy effectively

Using Buyer persona and Buyer journey for keyword research

We have previously discussed about buyer persona and buyer journey in our inbound marketing certification course. In this post, we would be linking them to make your keyword research effective and help us in achieving goal of making inbound marketing strategy successful. As we have previously discussed for doing keyword research we use various analytics, do search volume trends, long tail keywords, details of content i.e. relevancy. Understanding the buyer ….