Some more information about link building strategy

Chapter 25

We would be discussing about backlinks and how they affect our inbound marketing strategy. We would also be discussing things to be kept in mind regarding link building strategy to make better use of our SEO strategy
Backlink for better inbound marketing strategy

Links are probably the biggest contributor that can help your site ranked higher for a keyword. The reason for this is simple, Google treats them as trusted sites. It is a combination of referral from highest authority sites and number of links. In order to achieve a higher ranking, you need to get both of these right for your business. We have talked link building strategy in brief in one of our previous chapter of inbound marketing certification, where we discussed about 3 methods of link building strategy– natural link, manual submission and self-created links. We will take this ahead and discuss this more about link building strategy its implementation and benefits.

Social Sharing

If you are a new website, you must be thinking where to go, how to get these links, how will traffic work for me? You might have a Facebook account, even if you have 100 friends in that all you need is 5 friends to share your link forward. If these are really good friends they will easily share it on Facebook and you can ask them to do a favor to share it with 5 more. This way you would have an audience of 1000. Even if you don’t get a link you get visibility and someone might just read your content and include it in your site. Though links shared on social networking sites have very low value for Google but it creates an awareness for your business and can bring direct traffic from social network.


Ranking for Relevant Search Terms

Link Building strategy can help us rank for keywords. If we are targeting a keyword say inbound marketing strategy and our link is present on a webpage with the same keyword, Google would start associating it with your website and can help you rank better. This link would also provide a authority.


MozRank has a tool that tells us the number of backlinks that a page might have. It uses its complex AI to determine a factor called domain authority to determine the chances your site can rank better.

Domain Authority

Domain Authority helps indicate how well can a site rank. Moz gives a ranking out of 100 to determine DA. Sites like Google and Facebook have a DA more than 90. Higher the DA higher it will rank. There is also a term known as Page authority. Domain authority is linked to domain and page authority is linked to the web page. It gives how likely it is for your web page to rank on search engine and it gives a rank out of 100

Majestic SEO

This is another SEO website which is very popular and it measures your website using Trust Flow and Citation Flow metrics. Trust Flow is a metrics that helps determine trust of a website. It gives high weightage to your backlinks. Greater the links and the sites authority from which they come, higher the score.

Citation Flow helps in understanding how useful a link on your site be to others. Both these factors help in link building strategy.

Number of links that should be used on a page

Links should not be in such a large number that they affect the user interface or disinterest the customer. As a thumb rule, it should always be less than pages linking in. But, I would always prefer 2 or 3 external links. Beyond that if you choose a webpage which has more links it will dilute the value of links. Google doesn’t consider so many links. So, this has to be taken into consideration while deciding your inbound marketing strategy.

Referral Traffic

The link placed on a high-quality site is not only for Google but it also helps in getting potential traffic when someone, clicks on the link. We have discussed about this earlier to but this is something which people implementing SEO strategy forget. Thus, more powerful the site on which link is placed higher the chances you would get traffic from click on the links.




Examples of link building strategy

Ask your customers to provide you a feedback or a link on site

If you have a business where your customers might have a business, then in this case you can ask your customers to help you out by mentioning your link on their site as a reference so that it can help you get more visitors as well as it acts as helps you in your link building strategy.

Company Blog

Writing a blog can be one of the most effective ways to get traffic to your website. It provides authority to your site and can help in getting more customers. Blogs are offered by many websites like Rediff, WordPress, Tackk etc. These websites already have authority and when you add

Using Viral Marketing

In this you produce content that is so unique and likeable that people share this with one another and on their blogs. This helps in producing an awareness as well as generates traffic and links for your site.

In our next chapter of inbound marketing certification course, we would be discussing about directories. In case you need any help or information on inbound marketing strategy you can contact The Buzz Stand Team

Some more information about link building strategy
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Some more information about link building strategy
We would discuss about Importance of link building strategy and how can they help in making your inbound marketing strategy effective
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