Relevant Content and Content Analysis in Inbound Marketing


Chapter 7:

this article deals with content analysis for making your inbound marketing strategy effective. It is a part of inbound marketing certifiation course by the buzz stand
inbound marketing certification course chapter -7


We have discussed previously in our inbound marketing certification course about how people have been using outbound marketing as a tool and not having success with it. This year almost all growing companies have allocated more budget to inbound marketing strategy this year than previous years. The reason is simple – they are finding use of Inbound marketing strategy more relevant.

Outbound Marketing leading to disinterested customers

If you ever try to analyze your daily life you might find you do not like being disturbed by advertisements and promotions. If you are watching television and during commercials you switch through channels. You might use pop up blocker to block pop up advertisements. You also might be receiving those annoying irrelevant mails to which you might unsubscribe. This shows that customer is becoming more aware of outbound activities of companies and do not want companies to push its product to him.


Now consider similarly a case of inbound marketing. You might do a Google search for the product or service you require, look at some reviews, do some research and then make up your decision. This way inbound marketing strategy tries to make sure customer comes to hem and customer finds the information provided to him relevant. This brings into picture relevant content and content analysis.

More informative and relevant content – Better chances of conversion

Let’s say that you have a medical illness and you are looking for a doctor. There are various ways but two most trusted ways to find a good doctor will be either through referral or doing research yourself. Your referrals also might have used research directly at one point of time. This means while searching for doctor he might look at a website which is describing his illness and then somewhere also offering consultation. In this way content becomes very important. First, good content would help improve your rankings and help you place in a better way on search engines. Second, relevant content would help engage the audience. Third, it will lead to better conversions. Hence, content analysis is important for your website.

Content Analysis – Focused vs Diverse


You have to know your target audience and there interests. You will have to look at buyer persona and buyer’s journey as was previously discussed in our previous chapters of inbound marketing certification course. After you know your audience content has to be designed according to them. Content has to be similar for people with same persona. This way you need focused content for same persona and when two personas come into picture you would be having a more diversified one. Most companies have multiple persona and hence, have diversified content with a focused approach to each persona. Even you have content already, you need to do a content analysis of your website to make sure it will suit the needs of that group.

Quality and Quantity of Content

Key to being successful in your inbound marketing strategy is to provide unique and quality content. The more, the information is provided and available the better the chance. However, it is not only the quantity that matters. Quality plays an equally important role in it as well. While doing content analysis please make sure content is of good quality, keyword stuffing is not there and content is being updated at regular intervals of time. Maintaining a balance between quality and quantity of content is key to success.


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