Creating buyer persona is a part of the buzz stand inbound marketing certification course
Fundamentals to Inbound Marketing Success

Creating Buyer Persona

Chapter 5: Do you know how your ideal customer or buyer persona be? In this article, we would discuss about creating this buyer persona so that inbound marketing strategy can be implemented. This topic is an important part of inbound marketing certification course as all targeting would be based on ….

Understanding buyer persona using inbound marketing strategy
Why Inbound

What is Buyer Persona?

Chapter 4: Buyer persona takes inbound marketing strategy concepts into greater depths. A buyer persona is a fictional character or image you would create in your mind as to how that ideal customer would be. Would his interests lie in sports? Would he be an intellect? A buyer persona answers ….

HSN code for gst is a part of gst series

Basics of GST: HSN Code for GST tax explained

This article is another post by The Buzz Stand team in basics of GST series. This post would help you know the new HSN code for GST registration process. Harmonized System Nomenclature or HSN is a code number which is internationally adopted for commodity description and coding. HSN is developed ….

this image helps explain the basics of finance. The first part is understanding the balance sheet analysis.It is a also a part of financial statement analysis. The series is provided by the buzz stand

Basics of Finance : Balance Sheet Analysis

Part 1 of financial statement analysis : Balance Sheet Analysis – In our basics of finance series, this article would help you know how to go about balance sheet analysis. But, before that lets talk about financial statement. The financial statement analysis of a company provide useful information to varied users ….


Who is Taxable under GST?

Taxable person under GST is anyone who has registered for GST tax or needs to be registered for GST. There are different criteria’s such as business activity, turnover, or transactions which has been specified under the GST Act. Each of these details are compulsory for the person who is registered ….