Measuring effectiveness of your content marketing strategy

We will discuss how content marketing can improve effectivensess of digital marketing strategy
How content marketing strategy can improve effectiveness of business

We have studied how the content creation takes place. But, thinking that you have done the content creation and you will soon get thousands of visitors doesn’t always work. You need to make sure, that a proper analysis of your content marketing strategy is conducted. This will help in knowing what is working and what is not. You will also be able to know the trends by doing an analysis. Analysis and Revision are to be done at regular basis. But how do you conduct an analysis? Which metrics can help you in conducting your analysis properly. In this chapter of inbound marketing certification course, we will learn more about this.


Metrics to be considered


  1. Unique Visitors

The first important metrics you will like to consider is the number of unique visitors your page with content is getting. You can measure it through various tools, but Google Analytics seems to be the best choice while analyzing things for content marketing strategy. You just need to have a code inserted in your web page. We will discuss about how to get a code inserted in your page later in our course. More the unique visitors to the page, better the chances you have to acquire new customers.

  1. Page views

After you have looked at your unique visitors you would like to know the number of page views for your content for doing so you may take the help of Google analytics and get it done.  The higher the number of page views, the more you are reaching to your customers. You might need revision in case you find your content is not having enough page views.

  1. Page Ranking

You might also want to look on the page ranking of your content on search engines.  You would be knowing higher the Peter and the more the traffic you can grant to your content and more successful was your content marketing strategy. Page ranking is something which overlaps with your SEO strategy.  A better page ranking can be linked to a better user paid experience which means that the content provided by you on the page was good and was able to attract and engage customers. Thus, showing that a higher page ranking shows the effectiveness of content marketing strategy


  1. Bounce Rate

Bounce rate helps in determining how many users left immediately after visiting the page shown to them.  a higher bounce rate will show that customer was not interested in your content shown on the page.  a typical bounce rate of 40% is  is considered to be average for the website.  Anything above that is considered as your customers are not interested in the content shown, anything lower is considered that your content marketing strategy is effective.

  1. Conversion Rate

Conversion rate helps us know how many customers that visited your page went on the head and to a specific action like subscribing to the newsletter, making a purchase, sending a request or signing up on the website. The higher the conversion rate, the more effective your strategy is. A typical conversion rate of 2 to 3% is expected. If you are getting conversion rate more than this you are said to be on the right track and anything lower, would mean you would need to work on your content marketing strategy.

  1. Inbound Links

Though inbound links related to SEO strategy but they are effective method for measuring content marketing strategy as well.  The higher the number of referrals to you site, the more popular and informative your content is thought to be.  Therefore, it becomes extremely important to make sure that you measure inbound links to your site.


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Measuring effectiveness of your content marketing strategy
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Measuring effectiveness of your content marketing strategy
We will discuss how content can improve your business and digital marketing strategy. Content helps in creating better user page experience
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