Make money Blogging : Using Content Effectively

Chapter 8 :

This article helps explain how content can be used to create money. It is an inbound marketing strategy. It is a part of the buzz stand inbound marketing certification course
Make money blogging : Using Content Effectively

One of the biggest challenges that is faced in the world today is unique and quality content.  There are millions of sites on the internet which already have put in a lot of data. Therefore, if you have content that is unique and quality blogs you should think of leveraging this opportunity. If you are able to generate visitors using inbound marketing strategy it’s time to leverage this then. In this part of our inbound marketing certification course we would be discussing that how can you make money blogging.


Content leverage

Content leverage means you can make money blogging and utilize each and every unique content on your site effectively.   The users of internet cannot know by themselves that there is something which is unique and would add value to them. Here comes the role of your inbound marketing strategy and bring him online.

Let’s discuss how this content can make your inbound marketing strategy more effective and leverage it.

Writing Compelling Content

There are a lot you can do make your content compelling. From including some research to including power point and videos into it. Each and everything can make the article compelling and hence, help in bringing more customers and retaining the old one. Here we discuss some of them

  1. Preparing Content which is research based and has data

It is the easiest way to attract customers. When you show them the real situation with numbers you can grab their attention. You can show them that there might be a problem and you have a solution for it.

  1. Using Infographics

When you talk about research you can represent it in better manner with the use of infographics. It would help the customers better and make the numbers even more visible.

  1. PowerPoint

    Using slides along with content to make reading process hassle free and more interactive is a good way. Customers like PowerPoints and the fact that they are able to grasp more out of it and retain more information makes it a much better option.

  2. Using Videos and Podcasts for content

You can create effective content by using engaging interactive videos. Bloggers now days use videos to make people educate and interact with them. You can post videos of guitar lessons and sell guitars, post videos of digital marketing lessons and engage audience. There are numerous examples by which videos help.

  1. Using Social Media sites

There are lots of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter where you can create content using short videos, posts, audio etc and engage the audience more. It can prove to be the most effective way to create compelling content and make money blogging

  1. Using E-Book as a strategy

Writing an e-book and distributing it can be an effective strategy to bring and engage more users. Websites use user database and distribute ebooks. This way you can build a relationship with them.

Put this Compelling Content to use

There are 2 kinds of ways of engaging with the customers – Traditional marketing Strategy and Inbound marketing strategy which is the newer one.  Let us discuss about the traditional marketing strategy first. Though these strategies prove to be ineffective unless combined with inbound.

  1. Website

Website is the most common medium where your content can be posted.  Your website not only provides information about your products and services nut, but also acts as a medium to engage customers.

  1. Using advertisements to reach to the customers can be another method.

  2. Banner advertisements is another method as to how it can be done.

  3. Using mass mailing

However, as we have discussed in our inbound certification course these methods generate very less interest customers and hence, we move on to our inbound marketing strategy

  1. Using Social media as a promotion tool

    We had earlier discussed social media can be used for content. Now, it can also be used to reach to the customers. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are popular social media channels

  2. SEO

    SEO is one of the most effective ways of inbound marketing strategy and helps in bring customers. In this content writers need to make sure that their content has proper keywords so that it can be searched on search engines, promote by use of back links and use of all other social media channels. All this comes under SEO techniques.

  3. Influencer links

    Using influencer links in the form of promoting your content through articles and posts on various famous websites and journals can also bring in customers.

  4. Analytics

    Using analytics to deliver content according to target and bringing in customers in a more effective way. We would discuss more about this in inbound marketing strategy at a later stage

This topic can be discussed a lot in detail and there are various other methods which come under inbound marketing strategy. We would be discussing each of them at a later stage in our inbound marketing certification course. This article was written to create a base on which we can build upon.

You can read and learn more from our inbound marketing certification course.  In case you need any help on inbound marketing strategy you can contact The Buzz Stand


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