Linking your Content


We talk about providing the user with the best experience. We try to make sure whenever, he visit our page, he is able to gather some meaningful information out of it.  How can we get it done with the surety that it won’t affect our Google page rankings?  The answer to this question would be discussed below.

Inbound Marketing Strategy itself means that you would device a strategy where you will attract customers providing them information and matching their buyer’s journey. This is something we have been discussing about in most of our posts in our inbound marketing certification course.

We know that there are some sites that can add value to the user who is visiting your site. We can include them in our content. The links have to be high quality and not of low quality that can damage your site rankings. Let’s discuss about link techniques in more detail.

  1. Using Co-citation

SEO co-citation is one of the new ways that help in link building. If your website just mentions the name of the brand and doesn’t provide a link to it. Search engines like Google will crawl the brand name and can help increase authority and page ranking of your website.

We know Google loves it when users are provided with great content and if it finds you are recommending some brand it might just index your page with that search result and help you in increasing the SEO authority.

With increasing number of websites providing external links instead of quality, Google might just downgrade its weightage and increase weightage of Co-citation. At present linking is a good way but remember number of external links should never be greater than internal links, else the website might be considered as Spam

2.  Using Quality Backlinks

Google loves quality backlinks. It wants people to use websites that have great ranking and content. You don’t want to link your website to something that is not related. Suppose, you are giving information about shoes and you know which company can provide the best shoes, then you link to that site instead of a site that is a low quality one.

We are discussing how external links can help in inbound marketing strategy
External Links for improving authority

3. Use of Relevant content

Content you are linking to must be relevant and must be related to something you are writing about. You don’t want to link to a grocery store and write about inbound marketing strategy. This will never work. Google can penalize the site for this.


4. Try to create a loop of links

This is something that is definitely going to help you in your SEO strategy. When you try to link to a site try to make sure, that website has your link somewhere, through post or referrals. This doesn’t have to be on the same page. It can be on any page. What it will do is when Search engine moves out from your website it will also have a way in, thus it will create a network and both websites will benefit. This can only happen if both websites are quality websites. By high quality we mean higah MOZ metrics DA, PA and Majestic metrics like TF, CF. We would be taking up these metrics later in our inbound marketing certification course.


5. Number of backlinks

One thing which is important to note is you cannot have too many external linking. One it will reduce the customer’s interest and will make him think website is spammy. Google would start ranking it lower as user-friendly nature of page decreases. Therefore, I would recommend you don’t have more than 2to 3 external links from your website. Even though the general rule is external links should not be greater than those linking into your site



6. Internal linking

One powerful technique that can help your inbound marketing strategy is linking your webpages within each other. This help you create a powerful network within. It is always good if you are writing about something and can link it to some other post. This will help you in back links. Suppose, your home page has been referred by 100’s of backlinks, there is post that is mentioned on home page and it mentions your post as well. It means this web page also gets authority from Google. However, that doesn’t mean you can add link wherever, you like. Add it only if you think is related to content and can benefit the customer.

We will learn about internal linking can be used while doing SEO analysis
How internal linking can help SEO strategy

Our inbound marketing certification course will help you learn further about inbound marketing strategy. We at The Buzz Stand provide the best link building services in India and use the strategies mentioned above to help the businesses rank higher. We have helped businesses from startups to enterprise rank higher with our strategies and this would surely help you as well.

Linking your Content
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Linking your Content
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