Choosing the right keyword- Keyword Research


This post discusses in detail on how to use keyword planner for keyword research as a part of inbound marketing strategy. It is an important inbound marketing strategy
Inbound marketing certification course chapter-13


In the previous chapter of our inbound marketing certification course, we discussed about keyword search. Taking it a step forward we are going to show you how it is done.

If you are a beginner the best way to find keywords is using Google keywords planner. Google keywords planner is going to be one of the most useful tools for your inbound marketing strategy.

But before we start we the Google keyword planner just remember a couple of things we discussed in previous chapter those are keywords should be relevant to your topic, try to choose long tail keywords, putting keywords in right places and density limit of 2-3%


Using Google keyword planner for keyword research

After you have setup the Google Adwords account you have to complete the following steps. In case you are having difficulties setting up Adwords you can read our post on how to setup Google Adwords campaign.


Step 1: Open and sign in to your Google Adwords account. Click on the tools option and click on Keywords Planner. You would be seeing a page as shown below

This image shows how to begin using google keyword planner as a part of inbound marketing certification course
Begin using Google keyword planner and doing keyword research

Step 2: Since, you are finding keywords you can select one of the three options under the header “Find new keywords and get search volume data”. However, at present we would be discussing only about the first option as this would be used used 90% of the time

This image helps in doing keyword research. The tool used is Google keyword planner
Selecting options for doing keyword research

Step 3: After clicking on the 1st option we are taken to a page as can be seen below. Now here you can see various options. The first box is named as product or service. You can enter a brief description of our product/service or any keyword you might have thought about to be relevant to your keyword or you can enter a webpage where you have already put up the content or selecting category. You can use either or combination of them. Below this there are various targeting options which are fairly easy to understand. You can select countries which you want to target, languages and options like keywords to exclude and other custom search.  Let’s suppose I am writing about digital marketing and I enter digital marketing in the first column. Let’s see what happens

This image helps us understan keyword research to make our inbound marketing strategy effective
Number of searches for your keyword

As you can see there is a chart showing search volume related to keyword entered. This includes combine value of related keyword searches. Below you can see my keyword “digital marketing” and its searches. You would be able to see it has been searched over 74000 and has medium competition. This medium competition is related to number of advertisers that are competing for ad. But you do get an estimation. It is better to choose keywords with competition as low. Also long tail keywords are to be found

Step 4: Scroll down and you would be able to see keywords suggestion. We don’t require Adword ideas. Click on keyword suggestions. Sort the list by clicking on competition as low. You would be seeing various keyword options. Now look at keyword like service marketing with searches high and competition low. We are looking for these kinds of keywords for our inbound marketing strategy. In case you need more relevant keywords you can enter description in products or service or enter multiple keywords you think about separated by comma and then search. Now you are ready to choose your keywords.

This image helps us understand the competition while doing keyword research as a part of effective inbound marketing strategy. We have tried to cover this part in our inbound marketing certification course by the buzz stand
Google keyword planner- looking at competition while doing keyword research


We would be discussing more about keywords and how they make our inbound marketing strategy effective in inbound marketing certification course. In case you need any help regarding keyword research you can contact The Buzz Stand Team.