Inbound Marketing Strategy – The Best Practices

Chapter 3

Image is part of our inbound marketing certification course and details various inbound marketing strategy
Inbound Marketing certification chapter 3


Over the past few years marketing or the way we approached our prospects has changed drastically.  People now have pop up blockers to stop pop up advertisements from being displayed. They have learnt to switch between TV channels during commercials and if there is a mail which they don’t like they unsubscribe from the mailing list.  Then what should be the possible strategy to make them aware about your product. It is time now that we should let customers come to us.  Inbound marketing strategy has to be adopted which would allow customers to gain information about your services through website, e-books and other resources which would help you gain trust of the prospect and generate sales. There are right and wrong ways to go about this technique. We are going to discuss about a few of the best practice as a part of our inbound marketing certification course.


Create Awesome Content- The most important inbound marketing strategy


Content is the first and the most important key element of inbound marketing strategy. Content helps build relationship with the prospect customer.  The content should be something informative or should be adding some value to the customer.  Content should not always be written in such a manner that you are trying to pitch something to the customer. For example, if you are a Protein Powder seller you don’t need to sell your product directly. Your content should describe the importance of protein and its benefits rather than promoting your brand always. Customers don’t like products being pushed at them and they have become well aware of the push marketing that was prevalent.


After you have selected the content that you would be writing about. You would have to decide the length of the article as both long and short articles can have a negative impact. To make it engaging an article should be between 500 to 1000 word. The article should be informative and complete. It should be engaging and should have images, audios and videos which make reader more engaged on the platform.

Content Distribution

You know you have the compelling and the best content available with you, but how would customer get to know about the same? You would have to make sure your content is available. You would need to have social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were you can widely reach your audience.


You would also have to make sure your website has got its SEO done properly so that it is able to rank in Google page ranks and is visible to more customers.

Use of Call-to-Action Language effectively


Call to action is a technique which simply is used to generate an immediate response like contact us or sign up buttons. Any prospect customer who visits your site should be provided with engaging content which was discussed above. This content and personalization experience combo provided coud help you in generating leads. Yes, that’s right! You just need to place effective call to buttons for this. Suppose, if you are providing valuable content like pdf or ebooks you can make sure they subscribe to your mails or sign up for it just by putting up a button there.

There are various CRM systems available which could make it easier for you to track customers and maintain database. You can then use these leads to provide them effective and relevant information through mails, something which they would like to hear about.

You can read about the other chapters as a part of our free inbound marketing certification course. In case of any help about inbound marketing strategies for your business you can contact the buzz stand team.

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