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Inbound Marketing course would be helping startups, business, entrepreneurs and anyone who is willing to excel in this space. Inbound Marketing course is going to be a unique and a fun way to approach and learn things, with every topic covered.

Basics of Effective Inbound Marketing Strategy


Optimizing Web Pages for search engines

  •  Search Engine Optimization

–   What is SEO?

–   How SEO benefits inbound marketing strategy?

–   How does search engine ranking takes place?

  • Using SEO strategy effectively

–   Understanding SEO keyword and keyword search

–   Choosing the right keyword- Keyword Research

–   6 Steps that will help in choosing the right keyword

–   Using buyer persona and buyer journey for keyword research

–  In what ways can you expand your list of keywords?

–  Using Google Analytics Account for SEO Analysis

–   Difference between Long and Short tail keywords

–   In what ways and where should you optimize your pages for search engines?

–   Linking Web-Page Content

–   Link Building Strategy

–   Why is promoting a good user experience important for SEO?

–   Importance of Optimizing pages for Mobile

–   Some more information about link building strategy

–   Using directories for link building strategy

  • Deciding success of SEO strategy

–   Deciding the effectiveness of primary keywords

–   Checking keyword density and keyword optimization

–   Checking backlinks for your page

Content Creation

  • Importance of Content to Inbound Marketing Strategy

–    Content Writing and Content Marketing Strategy

–    How does content marketing strategy fit into the universe of inbound marketing strategy?

  • Stages of Content Creation

–    Different stages for content marketing strategy

–   Different Formats of content and difference between the formats

–   Choosing the best format for content

–   Things to be kept in mind while selecting a topic for content

–   Content Creation Process

–   Measuring effectiveness of your content marketing strategy

–   Why is revising your content marketing strategy important?


  • Blogging Fundamentals

–   How does blogging help in generating new users for the website?

–   How to use blog to generate new leads?

–   How to use blog for building Trust?

Social Marketing Strategy

  • Understanding importance of social media strategy

–   Role of Social Marketing Strategy in Inbound Marketing

–   In which stages of inbound marketing can social media strategy can be used?

Call to Action

Landing Pages

Conversion Process

Power of SMarketing

Inbound Sales