Improving Blog Effectiveness: Blog Analysis

We will discuss improving blog effectiveness and eventually making sure our digital marketing strategy works well
Increasing blog effectiveness

After you have written the blog, there is always a need of continuous evaluation and revision in order to optimize your inbound marketing strategy. We have discussed about content analysis and this is going to be similar to it. We will learn how blog analysis can be done using page views, article growth, most popular articles etc. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Tools for blog analysis

I mostly prefer using these analysis tools for blog

  1. Google Analytics

This is going to form a base of your blog analysis. Anyone who is starting out with things should go for using Google Analytics. We have already discussed using Google Analytics for content here. It is similar, to this. You can look at page views, most popular content, how person reached to your content, medium, conversion rate, demographics and all the things you need for analysis.


  1. SEM Rush

Another popular tool I use is SEM Rush. The tool name is SEO Quake and is available as a free downloadable extension. The advantage is you can see number of links, ranks, indexing and keyword density just using the extension. It is pretty simple to use. No other tool I have experienced to be this good in terms of insights. It even reads your meta data

  1. Moz

Moz can help you analyse the referrals for your website and also help you know the authority you have gained for the page content. Though, it is a powerful tool for analysing website, you won’t be using much except for checking backlinks.

  1. Majestic

A SEO tool where you will be getting the data for citation flow and trust flow metrics which have been defined by Majestic SEO. You will also be getting, backlinks, anchor texts, keywords and other details as well. But, most feature would involve paying up.

  1. Alexa

You can actually measure the traffic directly. Only Alexa measures the traffic, directly, whereas, others include quality as well while ranking for metrics. Paid subscription allows for certified metrics, sites linking in and other packages also provide keywords, competitor analysis etc.

I personally use Google Analytics, SEO Quake and Alexa for my website and blogs I maintain.

Statistics to Measure for Blog Analysis

  1. Page Views

It is one of the key factors you would have to look at. You will need to make sure, that the content you wrote is getting write amount of traffic. Google Analytics will help you measure that easily.

  1. Keywords

If you are looking to check keyword density use SEO quake. If you want to know the keywords you are searched for use Google Analytics after linking it with Google Search Console. Or you can alternatively buy premium subscription to Alexa or Majestic or SEO Quake.

  1. Referrals

You would definitely want to know how many sites link to your website and how you can improve upon the same. The more links you have the higher the authority, given each link comes from a quality site. A link from Amazon is much more valuable than that of some other sites having poor quality. Not only quantity, quality of links is also important. Also, the fact how they have been used is important. Links might be natural links, manual or self-created and there precedence in terms of importance also varies as discussed earlier.

  1. Medium

You will also need to check the medium through which they landed in your page, maybe direct, referrals, social media or any other medium. This helps us in knowing which medium worked well and on which medium work needs to be done.

  1. Demographics

You might be looking to know the demographics like age, gender etc and whether you have targeted the right audience through your blog or not. You can do this easily with the help of Google Analytics.

  1. Most popular articles

They can be easily tracked using Google Analytics and Alexa. Though, I have not used other services for this. Most popular article helps you know what your website is most known for.

  1. Other things

You might also want to track interests, behaviours, demographics, the route used, backlinks, strengths of pages are also important parameters you would be measuring your blog content upon.

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Improving Blog Effectiveness: Blog Analysis
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Improving Blog Effectiveness: Blog Analysis
We will discuss about how to improve blog effectiveness using Blog analysis. We will discussing about various tool that can help you for blog analysis
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