How to improve Email Marketing Campaign ROI by 4300%

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Till now, we have discussed about SEO, Social Media and Paid advertisements as well and saw that they offer a very high ROI. But, we didn’t touch email marketing campaign. In this post, we will discuss the importance of email marketing campaign and its importance.

We all would have received email advertisements in our mailbox. We all are agitated of it. Aren’t we? As it is not even something which we require. Therefore, it is easy to think that these email marketing campaigns are not that successful compared to other marketing strategies.

However, if we target our audience correctly, ROI can be as high as 4300%. Yes, you heard it right. It has been proved by an independent research. We will discuss about this in more detail in this post.


How to generate high ROI from email marketing


 Over previous years, we have seen a great rise in number of people having access to mobile. Almost, everyone of your target business group checks their mail once a week. Even, though effectiveness of mail sent by number of persons converted might be less. But, of you consider this in terms of cost, you spend very less.

For example, if you have 1000 leads, you just need to send them a pre-designed template, that practically costs nothing. Even if you use tools like MailChimp, which can generate leads as well then, also ROI that can be achieved is good. Simply, because sending mails has become so cheap and doesn’t require any effort.

Here are the things, that can help you generate ROI in even a much better way.


Timing is everything. Email Marketing requires you catching trends of events that might be happening around user or some offer that has come up on your website and you want your user to know.

For Example, there is an Independence Day in India. Make your users feel about your brand that you have some connect with Indian even though, you might not be Indian. Something, which Amazon does. Wish them, make them feel comfortable, and also show them some great offers you might have. I will be discussing this in more detail later with some email pictures.

Target Specific User Group

Try to create as many user groups as possible. Try to target each one in a different way. For example, if you are an e-commerce company selling everything like Amazon, then you can target men and women differently. You can sub group them on demographics, location, languages, interests, previous shopping trends.

The more specific you get, the better will be the conversion rate. You may be thinking Why? The answer is simple. Try to put yourself in a situation. You are a male, who has an experience of buying shirts. If suddenly you receive a mail offering Woman Clothing’s, will you buy it? Most probably not. However, if you are offered shirts or men’s trousers or men’s deo you might just have a look.

This is the advantage, of targeting specific group.

Email Marketing Tools

Make use of Email marketing tools. They can make your task easier. Mail Chimp is a tool, which not only helps you in providing lead emails, designing campaigns, but help you keep a track as well. It helps you know, how many people clicked at the mail and reached your website.

Though, there is a nominal fee attached to it, but it is worth it, as you are able to keep a track and implement the best strategies possible.

Use A/B testing

Use A/B testing to decide which email generated more conversions for a target group of customers. This will help you in saving money in the long term.  A/B testing is a comparison between two interfaces that help you decide which one to go after based on more click through rates and visibility.

Use Google Analytics

Combine Email Marketing Campaign Tools, A/B testing with Google Analytics. Email Marketing Tools can only track the data till the point user reaches the website. After, it reaches the website till the point of final conversion, Google Analytics can track everything.

For learning and reading more about inbound marketing strategy, you can visit inbound marketing certification course. In case of any help or information about email marketing campaign you can contact The Buzz Stand Team.

How to improve Email Marketing Campaign ROI by 4300%
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How to improve Email Marketing Campaign ROI by 4300%
We will be discussing about how to improve your email marketing campaigns and why are they still relevant in today's time
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