How does blogging help in generating new users for the website?

Chapter 40

We will discuss how blogging can impact your digital marketing strategy
Blogging fundamentals

Blogging is a concept which will help you in multiple ways.  It will help you in generating more traffic, making the audience aware about your products, engaging the audience, providing them with valuable information. It will also help in generating sales for your business. But how can new user be generated by blogging? We will discuss about this in this chapter of inbound marketing certification course.


  1. It helps in knowing the prospect that you are interested in business

When you update your content, it not only helps in engaging customers, but it also helps them in knowing that you are ready to help and interested in doing business with them. The more updated your blog, the more perception the customer would have that you are still relevant in the market. For example, if you consider a store in the market, you know that it would open in the morning and close at night. But how will you know that it still exists there. You will only get to know this when you visit that market, see it’s banner or or through advertisement. Similarly, for the website you will get to know whether it exists and is still relevant in the market or not.


  1. Educating customers about your products or services

Blog acts as a medium to convey the information about your products or services to your customers. It is the medium which can help bring new customers. When, the customer is searching for product or service, your website would have all the information he requires. You will not only be providing him with information you will be educating him about your products or services and this way you will be able to generate new user. This is what inbound marketing strategy is about adding value to customer when he comes to you, and then when he thinks you have added value you will get a conversion.


  1. SEO Strategy

When you blog, Google would index it. So, you can use blog as an opportunity to run higher with the help of your SEO strategy. You can include keywords and other tools that we discussed for implementing SEO.  Also with the help of blogging you are trying to create a better user experience which Google will take into consideration. This way you will rank better on Google and generate more traffic.


  1. Referrals

If your content on blog is engaging, people would like to refer it on their websites. This would help in creating an image and bringing in new customer from the link provided on the page. Also, this link would be indexed by Google and help increase your domain authority and page ranking ranking eventually, which would ultimately help in bringing new customers to your website


  1. Content marketing strategy

We have discussed a lot about how content can help you bring more new customers to your business. When you create engaging and compelling content it not only helps in engaging users but it helps in creating a better user experience with Google takes into consideration while ranking its pages. Therefore, with the help of content marketing strategy your blog can be converted into an opportunity to bring in new customers for your business.


We would learn more about blogging in our next chapters of inbound marketing certification course. For any help or information on inbound marketing strategy you can contact The Buzz Stand team

How does blogging help in generating new users for the website?
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How does blogging help in generating new users for the website?
We will discuss how blogging can help in generating new users and ultimately help you in your digital marketing strategy
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