Deciding the effectiveness of primary keywords

Chapter 27

We would be discussing how we can work upon our digital marketing strategy
Effectiveness of primary keyword -SEO analysis

Now after discussing about SEO strategy. We need to have a look at how effective it has been. Measuring a SEO strategy is all the more critical, as you get to know which part of it has done well and which has not, so that you can improve the effectiveness of the same. In this chapter of inbound marketing certification course, we would discuss about studying the effectiveness of primary keywords for your business.

We have discussed how keyword research is used, while deciding primary keyword. Now we would be discussing more about keyword analysis. It helps us in deciding which keywords have done well and which need to be optimized further. We at The Buzz Stand prefer using Google Analytics and Google Search Console for deciding it. There are various other tools Attracta, SEM Rush which can help us tell that, but for any business Google Analytics needs to be the main tool because we need to rank on Google and need to know what it thinks.

We would therefore, use them in our this discussion. We would be discussing about other tools later on in our course.

Google Analytics

We have already discussed some what on how Google Analytics Account can be used for SEO Analysis? We would keep our focus on keyword analysis in this topic. When you sign in to your Google Analytics account, you would see under Acquisition tab>>Search Console. Click on this search console. It will show you a list of keywords that have been searched for. However, what I have noticed is there is a considerable lag in between when a keyword appears on Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Also, Google Analytics will not show you the entire list, like Google Search Console, it will just show the prominent ones. However, you can use GA to analyze keywords in a much better and segregate into demographics, interests etc.

Suppose you want to rank for digital marketing strategy. This is just an example as this keyword would be competitive and not suited for new websites. Now, you would be able to see if your website ranks for your primary keyword and the number of clicks have been made. You will also be able to check various other factors like location, demographics, language etc. However, if you are unable to find your primary keyword I would suggest checking it on Google Search Console once.


Google Search Console Analysis

In order to make our inbound marketing strategy successful use of Google Search Console would be a very useful tools. From helping indexing to crawling it does a lot of things. It also has data related to keywords and which were clicked, impressions etc. The good thing is it has the entire data. If you are unable to find your keyword in Google Analytics you should then come to this to make a double check. You would get to know the number of impressions, clicks, page ranking for keyword etc. This would then help you in taking a better decision regarding your SEO strategy.

We are trying to do primary keyword research to make our inbound marketing strategy and seo strategy effective
Primary keyword analysis using Google Search Console

If you are not able to rank well you would have to look at your content again, check for back links , keyword density etc which would be help in your SEO strategy.

For learning and reading more about inbound marketing strategy you can read more at inbound marketing certification course. In case you want any help or information related to SEO strategy you can contact The Buzz Stand Team.

Deciding the effectiveness of primary keywords
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Deciding the effectiveness of primary keywords
Over time, you need to check how well your primary keywords have done. But how can we do that? The Buzz Stand explains this part of inbound marketing strategy
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