Convert Visitors into Leads using Email Marketing Campaigns

Chapter 74

We have known email as a marketing technique, since the time digital marketing and internet came into picture. It is that old. But, its practice had decrease over the previous years, with inbox becoming stronger and landing promotion mails into spam and trash box. But, with time even email marketing campaign companies and email sending companies made mails more stronger and most often they don’t end in trash unless, you have some code that is spammy or from not trustworthy sender.

This means email marketing has become relevant again as with mobile people check their mails regularly and if it rights with the buyer persona conversion chances are pretty high.

 Email Marketing Best Practices for Lead Generation

  1. Provide Incentives, Trials or free stuff

You can provide incentives using, email. Mention it in subject and make it more appealing to user like “Special discount only for you” and “Last chance to save more”. You can use the technique of providing coupons to your buyer persona and when he visits, he will fill in the details and use that coupon as well, thus giving you a lead.

When offering free trial and all they need to do is just sign up. This really works. If you want to make customer for long term offer that service for free and build reputation.

Same can be done when offering free stuff which can help you convert more visitors into lead.

  1. Stick to Fewer Typefaces

Limit your typefaces to 2-3 so that email sent doesn’t look spam. Anything more can even land it into spam box. Also, the lesser it is better the readability and more the conversions.

  1. Call to Action Repetition

Try to repeat your call to action 2 to 3 times. Also, try to keep one at the beginning and one at the end. This is because, sometimes users don’t read the entire mail, but having one on the top will help drive their attention towards it.

  1. Subject

Try to write a compelling and catchy subject. It can drive conversion straightway up to 100 times more as it creates a perception in the mind of the user.

  1. Use Auto-Responders

In case a visitor comes to a page, clicks on call to action button but still doesn’t take next step, then remind him to do so. If he is an existing user, send him a mail that he didn’t download the book or he has not purchased a product, he was looking for. Make use of cookies to track the user’s preference.

  1. Relevancy

The landing page mentioned in email should be exactly what it has been described in the mail or else, you might just lose your customer. Also, the link included should be relevant and somewhat related to what customer interests might lie in.

  1. Analyse and Revise

This is valid for every inbound marketing strategy. Unless, you do this you cannot be sure of what will work for you and what will not. Analyse using Google Analytics and Mail Chimp. We will discuss in later post, on the things we should analyse in email marketing campaign.

You can visit our inbound marketing certification course, to gain more insights about email marketing campaign. In case you need any help or information about inbound marketing strategy, from the best digital marketing company you can contact The Buzz Stand Team.


Convert Visitors into Leads using Email Marketing Campaigns
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Convert Visitors into Leads using Email Marketing Campaigns
Email Marketing can be used to generate more leads. We will see how to implement small tricks and make sure we get more leads for business
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