Content Writing and Content Marketing Strategy

Chapter 30

We would be discussing how content can help in digital marketing strategy
Content writing- digital marketing strategy

We all have been discussing about SEO strategy in our previous lessons. But, this SEO strategy can only be successful if we are able to implement our content writing strategy. Content writing and SEO strategy have to go hand in hand and complement each other. But, before we understand the relationship between the two, we need to understand about content writing and what qualifies as one in this chapter of inbound marketing certification course.

What is content writing?

Content writing includes all the text that is present on your website. It includes your blogs, posts, about us pages or any other page which has something written about. Content doesn’t only mean it has to be text. It includes infographics, images, videos ,audio as well, anything that can create an attraction and engage the audience is content. The more engaging the content can be the easier it will be for SEO strategy to be implemented

Content Marketing Strategy

The method of producing engaging and informative content is content marketing strategy. This plays a vital role in improving the user page experience to which Google and other search engines play a lot of role. Content marketing strategy can be said to comprise of 5 parts

  • Information
  • Purpose
  • Audience
  • Form
  • Channel


Information is the message you want to convey or pass on to customer. Suppose, If you consider this article we want to pass on the information of content writing to our viewers


It is the reason you want to read the content. For example, the purpose of The Buzz Stand is to create awareness and help people in creating effective inbound marketing.


Who you want your audience to be? The buyer persona of your ideal customer


It means the type of content like text, images, videos, infographics you have used for your content marketing strategy.


It is the medium of communication of your content like Facebook, LinkedIn, Blog, any other website etc.

Content marketing strategy overlaps with your SEO strategy and both fall under inbound marketing strategy.  If you want your inbound marketing strategy to succeed both of them will have to co-ordinate to achieve results. We have not discussed the content marketing strategy in detail. We would be looking at each of them in detail, in our next chapters of inbound marketing certification course.

In case you want any help or information on content marketing strategy you can contact The Buzz Stand team.


Content Writing and Content Marketing Strategy
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Content Writing and Content Marketing Strategy
We would discuss about how content writing and content marketing strategy can be defined. We will also look at brief of different parts falling under it.
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