Content Creation Process

We will discuss how content creation can help in better digital marketing strategy
Improving digital marketing strategy with the use of content creation process

We have discussed about various topics related to content and even compared content development to product development and discussed in brief about the various process content has to go through before it is taken to the audience. We will continue the discussion on the same, in this chapter of inbound marketing certification course.

We will understand content creation process for our inbound marketing strategy
content creation process

Concept or Idea Generation

The first stage is getting an idea about the type of content you would like to choose. You might be having various products or service offering or you might just be a blogger. Whatever, be your goal you will have to make sure it is met. For that, you need to ensure you are able to use buyer persona and buyer journey to decide who will buy your products and when? By using this you will be able to answer what kind of content these prospects might be looking for. You can also take help of market research, competitor analysis, experience etc. to get a broad idea.



It means you will like to assess the searches and the customer needs in detail. You would have the broad idea from first stage. You will do research to find out which topics and content can be written about to get your content marketing strategy right. You would like to visit Google AdWords and find words that can be similar to your brief idea. You then shortlist a number of keywords, on which content can be about.



You will then do an analysis as to number of searches of the terms and the competition involved for the topics you might have thought of. While doing analysis, you might want to look at your competitors as well and how they rank.

Then, on the basis of that and using buyer persona, buyer journey, research and analysis you come about the topic and format for your content.



Next is the development phase, where content is written or created. It is made sure it is engaging, is not spammy and conveys the message to the audience for which it was created. While, creating content it is all made sure, content is around the keywords selected but doesn’t stuff and they are included in natural flow of writing.



After this has been done your product is ready to be launched. You will now have to select a medium of communication. It can be social media, Google page rankings, blogs, podcasts or any other medium which user might have thought its content can be used to reach the audience.


After this launch, you even need to make sure this content cycle is repeated regularly for content revision. There might be times when you would have found that this strategy of yours would not have worked or content might have been outdated or customers way of finding certain product or service might have become different. In this case revision becomes important. We will be discussing about this more in our further chapters in our inbound marketing certification course. For any help or information on inbound marketing strategy you can contact The Buzz Stand Team.

Content Creation Process
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Content Creation Process
We will be discussing various stages of content creation process i,e concept, research, analysis, develop, launch which will help in digital marketing strategy.
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