Choosing the right topic for blog

Chapter 44


There are lots of people out there who would be eager to know how to blog and select a topic for blog. Selecting a topic can sometimes create complications, as you would want the best audience, ranking, traffic, target buyer persona and buyer journey all at the same time. We will discuss this in detail in this chapter of our inbound marketing certification course.

There are certain questions, which you will definitely like to answer when starting out with choosing a topic

  • Select your target audience. Who are the people, who will come to your blog to read your content?
  • What is the time frame for which you consider the topic to be relevant? Suppose you are writing about an app will it be relevant 2-3 years down the line?
  • Who all are your competition on the topic you are thinking about?
  • Can you optimize this topic further to make it relevant for your buyer persona and buyer journey?

Your blogging topic can contain information, review, feedback, opinion, promotion about or a product or anything which you think you might want to target. Depending upon the nature of blog,

The following are just a few general areas you might consider blogging about.

Company Oriented

You might be a business owner and would be willing to sell more and get more traffic to your website. In such a case, you can use your company blog to promote your products or services. Select topics, related to your offerings. Topic should not only be hinted at providing information but it should be such that prospect feels you offer the product as well

Personal Blogs

 Personal blog works well for photographers, travellers, artists, dance or creative arts. Topics can be selected showcase your skill or any product you might have undertaken. It can also be used to inform them about product or services

General Interest Blogs

There are a number of general interest blogs available. There are blog services of Reddiff, Storify or Medium, which not only provide domain authority, traffic but also a chance to build backlinks. Topics can be related to anything, maybe your business, hobby, politics or any happening in the world. You name it and you can write about it.

However, there maximum use is for inbound marketing strategy, where they are used as a medium to convey information, build backlinks, increase page rank and optimize SEO.

If you consider these parameters, I am sure your blog will fit into one of these three types and the questions asked above will help you in brainstorming about the topic. For reading and learning further about how to blog you can visit our inbound marketing certification course. In case of any help or information on inbound marketing strategy, you can contact The Buzz Stand Team.


Choosing the right topic for blog
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Choosing the right topic for blog
We will discuss how to choose the right topic for the blog, so that it can help in increasing the effectiveness of our digital marketing strategy
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